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International Journal of Philosophy and Theology

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Grammatical Thomism

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28 January 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Simon Hewitt, University of Leeds
[email protected]

Filippo Casati, Lehigh University
[email protected]

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Grammatical Thomism

Grammatical Thomism is an incredibly rich philosophical and theological tradition which attempts to cast new light on the thought of St. Thomas by means of Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Grammatical Thomism has made progress in developing an apophatic conception of God, merging the theology and practice of many religious traditions, and moving beyond certain debates which have animated both analytic and continental philosophy of religion. It has also advanced non-dualistic yet non-reductive understandings of the human person and made significant contributions to ethics.

In order to celebrate this philosophical and theological tradition, and to promote the discussion of its ideas, the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology has decided to publish a special issue completely devoted to grammatical Thomism. The International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, thus, wishes to receive submissions of research papers that can advance both the scholarship and the discussion about this topic.

We invite you to contribute to this special issue with an original paper concerning any aspect of grammatical Thomism. Examples of possible interesting topics are:

[1] historical and exegetical discussions on the father figures of grammatical Thomism (see, for instance, Herbert McCabe, David Burrell, Brian Davies and Denys Turner);
[2] philosophical contributions which bridge grammatical Thomism with other ideas in philosophy of religion and analytic theology;
[3] critical examinations and original developments of the implication of grammatical Thomism for political theology.
[4] conversations between Wittgenstein-influenced readings of Aquinas’s philosophical anthropology and contemporary philosophy of mind.

All submissions will be peer reviewed according to the high standard of the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, and they should be made through the online system by the feast of St. Thomas, that is, the 28th of January 2024. If you have any question or concerns, please contact the guest editors of this special issue Simon Hewitt and Filippo Casati or the editor-in-chief Walter Van Herck.

Submission Instructions

- When submitting, tick the 'special issue article' box
- Publication is expected in the last issue of 2024 (subject to change)
- Word limit: between 5000 and 8000 words preferably

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