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International Journal of Sustainable Engineering

For a Special Issue on
AI for Smart & Resilient Manufacturing

Manuscript deadline
30 January 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar, Kyung Hee University, South Korea
[email protected]

Dr. Adhiyaman Manickam, University of Moncton, Canada
[email protected]

Dr. Sivaparthipan CB, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India
[email protected]

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AI for Smart & Resilient Manufacturing

Smart and intelligent manufacturing is equipped with IoT sensors at every manufacturing level, whether it is the data acquisition stage, production, packaging, or supply that generates a huge volume of data. Big data analytics and cloud computing technology can analyze and store this data in the internet-enabled repository. However, extracting valuable insight and making sense of this data cannot be achieved by employing this technique. Artificial intelligence is a human-intelligence technique that can make sense of all this data information gathered from the sensor. AI techniques enable manufacturing tools and machinery to understand sensor data, detect anomaly patterns, learn irregularities from previous data records, and then analyze these anomalies and abnormalities to predict machine lifespan and forecast demanded trends and patterns. Artificial intelligence makes the industry smart and intelligent in a real sense by facilitating timely and accurate decisions with minimal workforce and maximum efficiency. The first, second, and third-generation industrial revolution is fueled by the introduction of mechanical, electrical, and ICT technologies, while Fourth-generation Industrial Revolution 4.0” or “Industry 4.0 is trigged by the adoption of artificial intelligence in manufacturing.

With the emergence of industrial 4.0, smart manufacturing re-shape its existing manufacturing archetypes, such as cloud manufacturing, reconfigurable manufacturing, and agile manufacturing, to meet the personalized and dynamic demand of the modern market landscape cost-effectively by intelligent resource sharing and optimized configuration. However, many unexpected events, disaster, and their severity does not cope with these intentions. For instance, the sudden breakdown of the COVID-19 pandemic can significantly impact over modern-day smart manufacturing. COVID-19 pandemic situation triggered the manufacturing industry to transform smart manufacturing into resilient manufacturing by integrating resilience in smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Smart manufacturing with resilience can assess the unexpected impact proactively and prepare a response beforehand by strategically reusing and recycling excess manufacturing capacity quickly and cost-efficiently. Artificial intelligence can dramatically improve resilience in smart manufacturing.  This special issue invites potential research scholars to submit their high-quality original research article that explores smart and resilient manufacturing implementation based on various advanced ICT technologies, applications, and AI techniques.  This special issue also calls for research articles that contribute their work, methodologies, and practices to address COVIS 19 situations for implementing smart and resilience manufacturing using AI concepts.

The topics of interest include:

  • AI-assisted Industrial IoT and predictive analysis model for smart and resilient manufacturing
  • Big-data Analytics for intelligent Decision-Making and Resilient Systems in the manufacturing industry
  • AI-based data-driven modelling and evaluation for smart and resilient manufacturing processes
  • AI-inspired smart manufacturing with resilience to cover COVID-19 impact in manufacturing and supply network
  • Robust manufacturing with artificial intelligence and resilience approach
  • Research towards resilient manufacturing with smart and intelligent technological approach
  • Application of artificial intelligence in smart and resilient manufacturing
  • Challenges and opportunities for smart and robust manufacturing using AI techniques
  • Edge-cloud orchestration with AI transformation for manufacturing enterprises
  • Automate manufacturing using AI techniques
  • AI-assisted Industry 4.0 for robust and smart manufacturing
  • Resilience for manufacturing control system using artificial intelligence and smart IT technologies

Submission Instructions

Special Issue Title:  AI for Smart & Resilient Manufacturing

The research fits with the the scope of the SI are welcome

Publication Date: May 2023

Instructions for AuthorsSubmit an Article

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