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Journal of Cyber Policy

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Interference and information manipulation in elections and governance

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19 July 2024

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20 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Emily Taylor, Associate Fellow, Chatham House
[email protected]

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Interference and information manipulation in elections and governance

2024 will see an unprecedented number of elections. By some estimates, around 50% of the world’s population will vote this year, ushering in new governments and regimes and shaking up international relations.

While many countries still use paper-based voting systems, electoral processes – and democracy more generally – are still vulnerable to cyber threats ranging from disinformation to information manipulation to interference. These threats can subvert election results, undermine democratic processes, disrupt fundamental democratic services and damage trust in and credibility of governance.

The Journal calls for papers which explore one or more the following themes. This list is not exhaustive, and the team is willing to consider other relevant topics.

* Cyber threats to elections and democracy.
* The impact of digitization on democracy and elections.
* Bolstering resilience to cyber threats during elections.
* The use of new and emerging technologies in political campaigning.
* Regulating the use of cyber tools and technology in democratic processes.
* National, regional and international efforts to counter election/governance
interference from cyber threats and information manipulation.
* Role of the commercial sector and private actors in elections.

Submission Instructions

Under this call, the Journal will accept the following types of submissions:

* Research article;
* Practitioner article; and
* Book review.

Details for each submission type can be found on the Journal's 'Instructions for Authors' page.

When submitting your abstract or paper to the Journal, please select "Interference and information manipulation in elections and governance".

Abstracts are to be submitted via the submission portal. While the Journal is requesting relevant abstracts by 19 July 2024 (which will then be considered and prospective authors invited to submit a full manuscript), prospective authors may submit full manuscripts in the first instance.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the editorial team via email ([email protected]) should you have any questions.

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