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Review of Communication

For a Special Issue on
The Interdisciplinary Nature of Communication

Manuscript deadline
01 June 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Stephen Croucher, Massey University
[email protected]

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The Interdisciplinary Nature of Communication

As a discipline, communication has multidisciplinary origins. Littlejohn (1982) traced the development of communication theory from diverse disciplines such as: anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, etc. The interdisciplinary nature of the communication discipline affords a variety of approaches and dialogues to come together under one title, “communication”. However, the incorporation of such diverse fields and approaches has made it difficult to define the discipline coherently (Craig, 1999). Researchers have explored the interdisciplinary nature of communication, and called for more interdisciplinary work and the recognition of such work (Ha & Riffe, 2015; Real, 2010; Thompson, 2009). In the communication discipline, handbooks in political communication (Semetko & Scammell, 2012), interpersonal communication (Knapp & Daly, 2011), persuasion (Dillard & Pfau, 2002), conflict communication (Oetzel & Ting-Toomey (2013), and countless others directly recognise the interdisciplinary nature of communication.

Thus, this themed issue asks us as a discipline to explore the interdisciplinary nature of communication. Theoretical, methodological, empirical, review, critical, replication, and other forms of submissions are welcome. The following topics are of particular interest when considering the interdisciplinary nature of communication:

  • What is interdisciplinary communication?
  • What are the benefits and drawback of interdisciplinarity?
  • How can interdisciplinary approaches influence our theoretical understandings?
  • The history of interdisciplinary research in communication
  • New interdisciplinary avenues for theory and research
  • Content analyses of interdisciplinary research in communication
  • Review of literature of interdisciplinary research in communication
  • Critiques of interdisciplinary research
  • The rhetoric of interdisciplinary

Submission Instructions

All manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word using a 12-point common font, double-spaced, no more than 6,000 words, exclusive of tables and figures. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the Review of Communication submission site: https://rp.tandfonline.com/submission/create?journalCode=RROC

Authors should identify which themed call their paper is responding to by selecting the relevant drop-down option in ScholarOne.

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