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Intelligent Buildings International

For a Special Issue on

Interdisciplinary intelligent building technologies to create a sustainable future and accelerate carbon reductions

Abstract deadline
30 September 2024

Manuscript deadline
30 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr Yangang Xing, Nottingham Trent University
[email protected]

Professor Derek Clements-Croome, University of Reading
[email protected]

Gulay Ozkan, Nottingham Trent University
[email protected]

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Interdisciplinary intelligent building technologies to create a sustainable future and accelerate carbon reductions

The Intelligent Buildings encompasses a diverse array of disciplines and areas
of interest in sustainable building development, where professionals gather from
fields such as architecture, design, engineering, information technology,
communications, social sciences, governance, and more. Through transcending
traditional disciplinary boundaries, this special issue aims to facilitate
holistic and integrated approaches to intelligent and sustainable building
formation, planning, and design.

  • Performance of intelligent building, sustainability, zero carbon
    • Architectures for smart grids
    • Economic models of energy efficiency
    • Energy monitoring
    • Power consumption
    • Optimization techniques for efficient energy consumption
    • Smart energy storage and conversion
    • Load balancing in smart grids
    • Decentralized energy systems
  • Smart technologies and integrated systems for sustainable buildings and cities
    • Case studies and innovative applications for smart infrastructures
    • Open innovation and standards
    • Innovation labs, experimental test-beds and simulation environments
    • AI-driven approaches for intelligent buildings
    • Delivering motivational behaviour change
    • Planning and design challenges for intelligent infrastructures
  • Nature-based solutions
    • Thermal, ventilation, acoustic and visual performance modelling and solutions in buildings
    • Health and wellbeing of building occupants
  • Solutions for mitigating environmental impacts and achieving low carbon, resilient, and sustainable built environments
  • Advanced materials, systems, tools, and technologies for the design, construction, use, operation, and management of intelligent and responsive buildings
  • Sustainable computing infrastructure for evaluating performance, design, and decision-making
    • Machine learning and artificial intelligence networks
    • Sustainable 6G communication architectures and frameworks
    • Sustainable computing platforms (e.g. energy efficient, degradable, long-life time)
    • Integration of smart appliances
    • Internet of Things for sustainability
    • Energy-efficient wireless wystems and networks

Submission Instructions

  • Deadline for submission: 20 December 2024
  • Deadline for review: March 202
  • Deadline for revised submission: March 2025
  • Deadline for approval final manuscript: June 2025

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