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Manuscript deadline
22 October 2021

Cover image - European Journal of Information Systems

European Journal of Information Systems

Special Issue Editor(s)

Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf, Al-Nahrain University
[email protected]

Dr Kingsley A. Ogudo, University of Johannesburg
[email protected]

Dr.Malik alazzam, Lone Star College - Victory Center. Houston, TX, United States
[email protected]

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Intelligent solutions for Information system Role in Global Healthcare Systems in times of crisis: A COVID-19 perspective

Over the past few decades, modern information technology has made a significant impact on people’s daily life worldwide. In the field of health care and prevention, too, a progressing penetration of assistive health services such as personal health records, supporting apps for chronic diseases, or preventive cardiological monitoring could be observed.

In 2020, the range of personal health services appears to be almost unmanageable, accompanied by a multitude of different data formats and technical interfaces. The exchange of health-related data between different healthcare providers or platforms may therefore be difficult or even impossible. In addition, health professionals are increasingly confronted with medical data that were not acquired by themselves, but by an algorithmic “black box”. Even further, externally recorded data tend to be incompatible with the data models of classical healthcare information systems.

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