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Forensic Sciences Research

For a Special Issue on
Humanitarian Forensic Action today and into the future

Manuscript deadline
01 September 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Oran Finegan, International Committee of the Red Cross
[email protected]

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Humanitarian Forensic Action today and into the future

Today, more than ever before, we see many forensic disciplines being utilized in efforts to address global humanitarian challenges around the world. We have seen an increase in forensic programs aimed at addressing the needs of affected people in situations of conflict and disasters. The increased involvement of forensics on these issues sees today both the scope and scale of the response at a point never seen before, with the number of humanitarian agencies and State institutions across the world implementing forensic programs on the rise. It would be fair to say that in 2021 forensics finds itself entering a new era as very much an integral part of the global humanitarian response.

This growth has in great part be down to he advance of the various fields of forensics, for example archaeology and genetics. However, forensic practitioners must work more with a diverse range of expertise from other professions if the humanitarian response is to be effective. Interdisciplinary programs must be the future, and drawing on advances in these fields will be key to this success. In light of this we believe this is the time to launch a special edition of Forensic Sciences Research to look at emerging practices in the forensic community as they are being applied in the humanitarian sphere today, and what the future holds in terms of the evolving fields of forensics.

With this we call on those interested to submit an article to be considered for this important edition, which will guide us as we all move forward in applying forensics in humanitarian work for the decades to come. Innovative research and opinion papers are welcome on forensic genetics, archaeology, anthropology, pathology, odontology and any other relevant discipline applied to humanitarian relief.

Submission Instructions

  • Select “special issue” when submitting your paper to Editorial Manager
  • Submission will be reviewed by the team of the guest editor
  • Read the Submission Instructions carefully before submission, especially the part of Compliance with Ethical Standards
  • Expected publication dates will be in 2022

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