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Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

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Cancer Vaccines

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31 December 2023

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Ronald Ellis, Editor-in-Chief
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Adam Weiss, Acquisitions Editor
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Cancer Vaccines

Off-the-shelf cancer vaccines might offer cancer type-specific treatment options, which can be administered very quickly compared to personalized approaches, thus quenching the tumor before it can progress. However, the development of effective therapeutic vaccines has been hampered by their weak immunogenicity and off-target responses. Thus far, only one cancer vaccine has been approved for use in humans, namely, sipuleucel-T for treatment of prostate cancer.

In this Collection we are accepting articles that address:

  • Epitope-specific cancer vaccines

  • Identification of tumor-associated epitopes for vaccine development

  • Adjuvants and delivery systems

  • Preclinical models

  • Clinical trials and related issues

Submission Instructions

  • Select "Cancer Vaccines" when submitting your paper to the Submission Portal

  • Research papers, Reviews and Commentaries will be considered for publication

  • Papers will be published online as they are accepted

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