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Manuscript deadline
30 June 2021

Cover image - The International Journal of Human Resource Management

The International Journal of Human Resource Management

Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Yvonne Brunetto, Southern Cross University, Australia
[email protected]

Dr Matthew Xerri, Griffith University, Australia
[email protected]

Associate Professor Ben Farr-Wharton, Edith Cowan University, Australia
[email protected]

Professor Rona Beattie, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
[email protected]

Associate Professor Elisabetta Trinchero, Bocconi University, Italy
[email protected]

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New HRM Models for Supporting Managing Emotional Labour During Emergencies

The objective of this special issue is to examine the role of HRM in supporting emergency workers’ wellbeing whilst they deliver essential services. There is growing evidence amongst HRM scholars that HRM has failed to act as the employee’s champion, especially for emergency workers who are constantly juggling the increasing demand for their services, organisational deadlines, and the high levels of emotional labour required in delivering services. Different types of emergency workers undertake emotional work or labour, including paramedics, nurses, doctors, social workers, army personnel, police officers, paramedics and firefighters. The emotional toll they experience has not been addressed by HRM.

The deficiency in the HRM literature revolves around understanding the link between the role of HRM and the employee wellbeing- employee performance continuum, especially for emergency workers.

This ‘Call for Papers’ invites HRM scholars to develop new models and conceptualisations that integrate the role of HRM in supporting emergency workers to cope with their emotions and provide greater insight into the employee wellbeing-employee performance continuum.

This call for papers is about re-establishing the role of HRM in building and maintaining the wellbeing and performance of emergency workers – both in theory and practice.

We call for new HRM models that conceptualise emotions and emotional regulation within the wellbeing – performance continuum.


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Submission Instructions

This ‘Call for Papers’ entitled New HRM models for supporting managing emotional labour during emergencies invites HRM scholars to submit papers that develop new models and conceptualisations of HR’s role as the employee's champion, especially in relation to emergency workers. Consequently, we are interested in empirical papers that:

  1. Demonstrate the role of HRM in supporting front-line emergency workers, including those employees who undertake high levels of emotional work in potentially stressful environments.
  2. Integrate the role of HRM in the employee wellbeing-employee performance continuum.
  3. Develop and analyse HRM models that conceptualise the role of emotions in fostering employee wellbeing and the performance of emergency   workers confronted with high levels of emotional labour.

The provisional timeline is as follows:

  • ‘Call for Papers’ announced June 2020
  • Full papers due by June 2021
  • First round of revision
  • Articles to the publisher

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