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Housing Studies

For a Special Issue on

Abstract deadline
26 April 2021

Manuscript deadline
01 October 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr Peter Matthews, University of Stirling
[email protected]

Dr Eleanor Formby, Sheffield Hallam University
[email protected]

Dr Carin Tunåker, University of Kent
[email protected]

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This special issue (SI) is focused on LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) homelessness and housing precarity. The experiences of LGBT+ people have generally been under-researched due to criminalisation, stigma, and the lasting legacy of these. Within social policy and welfare, the experience of this group is even more under-researched. Housing is often regarded as the 'wobbly pillar' of many welfare states, with welfare systems struggling to produce positive housing outcomes for poorer and more marginalised groups, particularly younger people. Within a traditional mixed-economy of welfare, the family is meant to provide a home for younger people. There is evidence that people who identify as LGBT+ are more likely to experience familial rejection and thus homelessness and poor housing situations, estimated at up to 20% of this group. To date, housing studies has largely neglected the experiences of LGBT+ populations. The special issue is seeking international contributions on the extent and experiences of homelessness among LGBT+ people and how this can be effectively prevented and tackled, covering, but not limited to:

- causes and risk factors for LGBT+ homelessness, for instance in relation to family conflict, discrimination and/or poverty, and how these may have changed with evolving social attitudes;
- experiences of LGBT+ homelessness, for example with regard to navigating services (or not), the particular importance of place(s) for LGBT+ people, specific experiences of those within the LGBT+ umbrella, such as trans people, and including interrogating the concept of ‘vulnerability’;
- legal, policy and practice frameworks surrounding homelessness in different geographical contexts, including on discrimination within social policy design and administrative processes, and how responses to LGBT+ homelessness might be re-imagined and/or reconfigured.

Submission Instructions

Abstracts of not more than 160 words should be submitted to Peter Matthews ([email protected]).
Successful authors will be informed in early June.
Manuscripts for peer-review for accepted abstracts would be due in October 2021.

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