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Manuscript deadline
28 May 2021

Cover image - Housing Policy Debate

Housing Policy Debate

Special Issue Editor(s)

Meagan Ehlenz, Arizona State University
[email protected]

Sarah Mawhorter, University of Southern California
[email protected]

Kathe Newman, Rutgers University
[email protected]

Rolf Pendall, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
[email protected]

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Student Housing

Researchers and scholars are invited to submit papers to Housing Policy Debate for inclusion in a special issue on the topic of student housing. The issue will be published in 2021 and will be guest-edited by Meagan Ehlenz (Arizona State University), Sarah Mawhorter (University of Southern California), Rolf Pendall (UIUC), and Kathe Newman (Rutgers University).

Deadline for Full Abstract Submissions: December 15, 2020

This special issue of Housing Policy Debate will explore the role of student housing on and around college campuses, the processes shaping student housing supply and demand, and the implications for municipalities, communities, universities, and students. New, often luxury, multifamily privately run residential buildings are being built on and near college campuses around the United States, Canada, and in the UK as well as other places. Some are dedicated student dormitories; others, although targeted to students, accept a broader array of residents. The housing is often built privately or through public private partnerships, sometimes in partnership with public universities. It is emerging in a context of growth in post-secondary enrollments, a decline in the share of state aid to public higher education institutions, and interest from investors (especially REITs) and developers in student housing as an asset class.
The papers in this issue will explore changes in student housing, including the emergence and expansion of this housing type and the institutional arrangements that facilitate its development and operation. We welcome papers that seek to untangle the public private partnerships that enable these developments, the governmental arrangements and forms of assistance that make these developments possible on and off campus (regulation permitting P3s, and tax, land use, and other regulatory benefits/concessions, land leases), and financing arrangements such as REITs. The papers could also explore the implications of producing and operating student housing (and luxury housing marketed as student housing) on and off campus and issues or risk and debt for a variety of actors engaged in the housing development including developers, investors, municipalities, universities, and students.
Papers may also address these questions:
● How have student housing demands and trends impacted local housing markets and urban development and what are the implications of adding new student housing on and or off campus?
● How is the supply of privately built luxury apartments in university neighborhoods reshaping local housing markets and the communities? How is it shifting housing affordability for students (and nonstudents) in these neighborhoods?
● How are local actors (e.g., developers, planners, lenders, policymakers) responding to and/or engaging
for-profit student housing projects and what kinds of public private arrangements are created to facilitate these developments?
● What is the role of large-scale REITs and global financial markets in supporting the development and operation of student housing?
● How is the student experience shaped by these new housing options? Do they cost more and what are the implications for student indebtedness?
● What is the future of student housing, with the possibility of declining student enrollments and shifts in student composition?

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Submission Instructions

Interested authors must submit 300-word abstracts for review by the guest editors by December 15, 2020 (sent to [email protected]). Abstracts will be reviewed by January 11, 2021, with selected authors invited to submit completed papers for full review by May 28, 2021 (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rhpd).

These papers will undergo the standard Housing Policy Debate peer review process. Papers submitted but not accepted in time for this special issue may be considered for publication in a later issue. Questions about paper topics can be directed to Rolf Pendall ([email protected]) and Kathe Newman ([email protected]).

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