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Housing Education

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31 July 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Helen Taylor, Cardiff Metropolitan University
[email protected]

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Housing Education

Housing education is a broad topic that can range from pedagogic practices to professional decision-making, discussion of discipline to questions of social justice, and more. The purpose of housing education can range from a focus on the practices, behaviours and training needs of professional practitioners, to theoretical and conceptual approaches within higher education settings. Research into housing education is therefore multidisciplinary and can be highly relevant to both housing policy and practice. As part of the Housing Education and Research Association (HERA), Housing and Society has a role to play in providing a space to explore this multi-dimensional topic, reflecting growing interest in understanding the scope, ambition and complexity of housing education (HSA, 2023).

This special issue will therefore focus on housing education. This topic is broadly conceptualised here and can include:

  • Discussions of Housing Studies as an academic discipline
  • Pedagogic approaches to teaching housing in both Higher Education Institution (HEI) and post-HEI contexts
  • Housing qualifications as a means of formalising experience and informal knowledge of social housing systems
  • The impact of housing education on professional behaviours
  • Comparative approaches to the conceptualisation of housing professionals, and the role of housing education in this
  • The role of centres of housing education and research in influencing policy-making
  • The use of digital resources in housing education
  • Geographical comparisons of approaches to housing education

We invite authors to submit papers that address these points, or more broadly the role of, issues with, challenges to, and impacts of housing education. Papers do not have to contain primary data, so as to provide space for reflective pieces on the history of housing education or normative papers on the impact of housing education for example.

It would be helpful if you could let us know if you are planning on submitting a paper prior to full submission but this is not a requirement.

Submit full papers by 31st July 2024

Please send expressions of interest to:

Helen Taylor ([email protected])