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History of Hydrology

Abstract deadline
01 December 2023

Manuscript deadline
01 March 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Stacey Archfield- Lead Co-editor , USGS
[email protected]

Keith Beven- Lead Guest Editor, University of Lancaster
[email protected]

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History of Hydrology

The IAHS meeting in Berlin was the first opportunity for the IAHS History of Hydrology Working Group (formed after the Centenary Meeting of IAHS in Montpellier) to organize a session of papers. The session covered a wide range of topics from Roman aqueducts to the twentieth century, and a variety of countries.  Since history papers are not research papers, while still requiring some historical research, it can prove difficult to publish individual papers in major journals.  The motivation for this Special Issue is to ensure that the history of hydrology does not get overlooked, and to provide an opportunity for the publication of papers on any aspect of the history of hydrology.

Guest Editor(s):

Okke Batelaan

Affiliation: Flinders University

Email: [email protected]

Mario Mendiondo

Affiliation: University of Sao Paulo

Email: [email protected]

Pradeep Mujumdar

Affiliation: ITT Roorkee

Email: [email protected]

Fabrizio Fenicia

Affiliation: EAWAG

Email: [email protected]

Changchun Chen

Affiliation: NUIST

Email: [email protected]

Cristina Prieto

Affiliation: University of Cantabria

Email: [email protected]

Submission Instructions

Special Issue contributions are sought that present new information about the history of hydrology, particularly where that might be of interest to current practice or throw new light on past practice.

In the first instance, please submit abstracts for consideration to the Special Issue guest editors.

Please select the special issue title 'History of Hydrology' when submitting your paper.

Accepted papers will be assigned to regular issues as they are published and will also form a bespoke 'Collection'.

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