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International Journal of Urban Sciences

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Heritage and Sustainability in Urban Environments

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28 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Seungjae Lee, University of Seoul, South Korea
[email protected]

Keebum Nam, University of Seoul, South Korea

Sora Kim, University of Seoul, South Korea

Boglarka Eisinger-Balassa, Széchenyi Egyetem(University of Györ), Hungary

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Heritage and Sustainability in Urban Environments

The International Journal of Urban Sciences (IJUS) is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue on "Heritage and Sustainability in Urban Environments." This special issue aims to explore the intersection of heritage and sustainability in the context of urban development, tourism, cultural preservation, climate change adaptation, and community engagement.

The sustainable development of urban areas based on heritage offers significant opportunities to foster the preservation of cultural and historical assets while promoting environmentally and socially conscious practices. This special issue seeks to bring together innovative research, methodologies, and case studies that shed light on sustainable urban development, tourism management, climate change adaptation, and community engagement in the context of heritage preservation.

We invite authors to submit original research papers, review articles, and case studies related to, but not limited to, the following subject areas:

  1. Sustainable urban development:
    • sustainable urban planning and urban regeneration
    • Heritage-led urban regeneration and revitalization
    • Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings and structures for sustainable development
    • Sustainable transportation and mobility in heritage-rich urban areas
  2. Sustainable management of tourism and cultural heritage:
    • Strategies for sustainable tourism in heritage sites and cities
    • Balancing tourism growth with heritage preservation and community well-being
    • Innovative approaches to cultural tourism experiences
    • Technology-enabled tourism management and interpretation of heritage sites
  3. Climate change adaptation for natural heritage:
    • Preservation and conservation of natural heritage in the face of climate change
    • Resilient design and infrastructure for protecting natural heritage sites
    • Climate change mitigation strategies in heritage preservation
    • Sustainable management of cultural landscapes in a changing climate
  4. Community engagement and heritage conservation:
    • Community-based approaches to heritage preservation and management
    • Participatory planning and decision-making in heritage conservation
    • Social and economic impacts of heritage preservation on local communities
    • Indigenous knowledge and practices in heritage conservation

Submission Instructions

Important Dates:

  • Manuscript Submission Deadline(Full Paper): [February 28, 2024]
  • Notification of Acceptance: [August 31, 2024]
  • Expected Publication Date: [December, 2024]

* Please select "special issue title: Heritage and Sustainability in Urban Environments” when submitting your paper to the submission system.

*The Submission deadline can be changed.

For inquiries and submission of manuscripts, please contact the Guest Editors ([email protected]) or the IJUS Editorial Office ([email protected]).

We look forward to receiving your submissions and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of heritage and sustainability in urban environments.

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