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Health Psychology Review

For a Special Issue on
Health Climate Action: The role of Health Psychology

Manuscript deadline
05 September 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Vera Araújo Soares, University of Twente, the Netherlands
[email protected]

Linda Steg, University of Groningen
[email protected]

Paquito Bernard, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada
[email protected]

Anne van Valkengoed, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
[email protected]

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Health Climate Action: The role of Health Psychology

Proposed Guest Editors

Vera Araújo Soares, Linda Steg, Paquito Bernard, Anne van Valkengoed

Countries, continents and the planet are facing global challenges: none greater than climate change. Global climate change has an impact on our food and water supply, on the weather system, on vectors of disease which may cause severe health problems . These changes threaten the health of the populations, particularly LMICs, that also have less resources to protect against climate change.

Health Psychology researchers have been contributing to the understanding of human health behaviour in context by cleverly drawing knowledge and influences from other scientific fields. This approach has never been more necessary: To deal with new challenges an interdisciplinary approach is needed as to improve health.

We are calling for review papers that can demonstrate how psychological knowledge and expertise can help mitigating and adapting to climate change as to improve health and how health psychology can integrate insights from other fields of science, like environmental psychology and political science, to increase its societal impact (e.g. how can HP knowledge support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals). We envisage that contributions could be made at the individual and system level.  We would also like to see submissions that consider the future of health psychology in a climate-changed world. How to reduce negative health consequences of climate change , and what does this imply for the discipline of health psychology? HPR is a review journal and we would accept different types of review, including meta-synthesis, umbrella review, living evidence synthesis, meta-analyses, and network metanalyses.

Considering the above we have five overall aims:

A. On context and policy:

To situate the work that Health Psychology can conduct in the area of climate mitigation and adaption as it links with the new political push for a Green New Deal in Europe and beyond (e.g. UN SDGs).

B. On theorizing, methodology and implementation science:

  1. To stimulate a discourse around how to future proof Health Psychology and assure that its theoretical developments are fit for the challenges of this 21st To do this it is relevant to gather and review information on the cross over between health behaviours and climate mitigation and adaptation behaviours in terms of proprieties (e., spill-over effect, rebound effects, multiple behaviour change), respective carbon or water footprint and health impacts.
  2. To explore the theory and methodological links and synergies between Health Psychology and Environmental Psychology. Given that health issues related to Climate Change are being studied by health and environmental psychologists it is important to understand these unique perspectives as these could become more influential/predictive when combined. We would welcome reviews of theories in this area.
  3. To increase the debate and reflection on how theories of Health Psychology can support a response to climate change and lead to the development of frameworks that facilitate intervention development and implementation science at the individual and system level. It is crucial to ensure that scientific insights are implemented in practice, enhancing scientific and practical impact. Reviews on the area of theories of implementation science would also be very welcomed.

C. On interventions:

  1. To reflect on what scientific knowledge is available in Health Psychology to support the development of measures/interventions to prevent climate change related health risks. This might mean systematic reviews on interventions already tested on how to protect from other potential health risks and examine potential similarities/differences in factors explaining different types of climate related health risks.
  2. To identify the most effective interventions targeting mitigation behaviours with a high environmental and health impact (e.g., eating fewer animal products, shifting from car driving to active transport) as well as interventions for reducing adverse health effects due to climate risks such as extreme weather events.
  3. To explore community psychology practices to prevent illness in environmental migrants, climate refugees or people exposed to natural hazards.
  4. To further investigate the role of human behaviour on vector and water-borne diseases. What measures and interventions, informed by health psychology and it's knowledge on human behaviours in context, have been developed to increase human societies resilience, and what affects their effectiveness.

D. On outcomes:

To amass evidence on what our society can expect as health outcomes associated with climate change, an all-encompassing risk that will last over a period of multiple lifetimes.

E. On the process of conducting science and testing/implementing interventions:

To amass evidence, from previous empirical studies, on carbon footprint during the development, implementation and dissemination of health and environmental interventions (e.g. SR checking carbon of distinct modes of delivery and link to intervention effectiveness, efficacy and sustainability).

We hope this serves as an inspiration to you and your research teams and that you feel motivated to submit to this special issue! The suggestions above are only that: suggestions.

On behalf of the Guest Editorial team:

Vera Araujo Soares, The Netherlands

Submission Instructions

Please select "Health Climate Action: The role of Health Psychology” when submitting your paper to ScholarOne

Systematic review papers will be accepted. We urge you to register your review (e.g. Prospero-crd.york.ac.uk,  or any other open science framework) and use state of the art guidelines to conduct systematic reviews.

Please submit your abstract for consideration ahead of the manuscript submission deadline of 5th September 2022. In your abstract please refer to aims, methods, results and conclusions (200 words max). To submit your abstract please email the Guest Editors directly.

As soon as your paper is completed accepted it will be published online asap.

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