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Graph Theory and Blockchain for Secure Communication

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30 October 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. S. Arumugam, Kalasalingam University, India.
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Prof. Slamin, University of Jember, Indonesia.
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Prof. Jay Bagga, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, United States.
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Graph Theory and Blockchain for Secure Communication

Due to the rapid expansion of communication fields in recent years, the transmission of multimedia contents over open channels has become increasingly challenging. It is highly vulnerable to attacks and vulnerabilities when multimedia contents are transmitted through this channel. In multimedia communication systems, data communication needs to be secure and efficient. Researchers make efforts to protect each image's original privacy, since digital images can contain sensitive information, personal information, and confidential information. In various fields of digital image security, encryption technology is commonly used to ensure the security of digital images.

It is not new to need to communicate messages securely. We have been living with it since ancient times. Today's world faces many challenges, including security. The conversion of ciphers into graphs can be used for secret communication. There are a number of fields in which Graph Theory is important. The properties of graph theory and its ability to be represented in computers as a matrix make graph theory a popular encryption tool. The purpose of cryptography is to prevent unauthorized access to important data. Security protocols in the blockchain use cryptographic techniques. This enables transactions between nodes in a blockchain network to be secure. Using cryptography and encryption keys, blockchain applications implement real-world signatures. The use of cryptography methods for storing and transmitting data values in secure formats relies on advanced mathematical codes. By doing so, it ensures that only the intended recipients of the transaction or data will be able to access, read, and process the transaction or data, and it ensures the authenticity of participants and transactions.

A special issue on networking algorithms, protocols, and experiments, including network security, is welcoming technically sound and original submissions.  Potential Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Graph theory in encryption and decryption algorithms for symmetric key cryptography
  • Fuzzy graph theory in cryptography for data privacy applications
  • Extremal graph theory and algebraic graphs for cryptography and coding theory applications
  • Digital chaos with graph theory for secure image communication
  • Graph and game theory with artificial intelligence for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Graph theory and blockchain for social networks and it’s applications
  • Elliptic curve cryptography and coding theory for secure communication
  • Graph labelling techniques with block chain for efficient cryptosystem
  • Quantum graph theory and block chain for secure communication
  • Prime weighted graph in cryptosystem for secure communication