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Manuscript deadline
01 March 2021

Cover image - Global Food History

Global Food History

Special Issue Editor(s)

Bryce Evans, Liverpool Hope University
[email protected]

Lisa Pine, London South Bank University

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Black Markets in World War II (1939-1945)

The subject of black markets holds crucial historical significance and growing scholarly attention. Some interesting research has been published on individual countries, especially Britain, France and Germany, but we propose to co-edit a journal special issue that provides a comparative and wide ranging approach to look at belligerent, occupied and neutral states in the Second World War; how food rationing affected populations; and how people turned to black markets.

We welcome articles that include but are not limited to:

  • The operation of illegal markets (broadly defined) in food during World War II
  • The centrality of food to wartime black market discourses
  • Press, propaganda and popular culture depictions of the black market
  • The gender dimensions to illegal markets in time of war
  • Engagement with the black market as an act of resistance
  • The relationship between black markets and rationing / price restrictions
  • The (im)morality of wartime black markets
  • The extent to which the wartime black market in food was a ‘grey market’

We would prefer articles examining wartime black markets in single countries, however comparative approaches are also welcome.

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Submission Instructions

To contribute, please send an abstract of about 250 words along with short biography to Bryce Evans ([email protected]) and Lisa Pine ([email protected]). Please send any questions to the same addresses, or consult the journal’s website.

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