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01 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Arkady Serikov, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR), Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen / Campus Nord (CN), Germany
[email protected]

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Fusion Neutronics

The renewed interest in recent years in developing new energy sources has compelled the fusion community to accelerate R&D activities. The media now report frequently on developments made in fusion research as scientists reach one milestone after another. As this technology approaches the maturity needed to realize the dream of commercialization, our efforts must take on a new focus.

As many nuclear fusion reactions are associated with neutron production, neutron emission indicates the success of such fusion reactions. Experimental or computational assessments of neutron production and all types of neutron interactions with the environment become especially important. As such, the topic of fusion neutronics is of vast interest across a wide scope of subjects covered by Fusion Science and Technology (FST). Therefore, to attract readers’ attention to this vital area, we recognize the need to dedicate a special issue devoted to fusion neutronics.

This issue has a rather wide scope of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Neutronics analyses and experiments on magnetic (tokamaks, stellarators) and inertial confinement facilities, material irradiation facilities (IFMIF-DONES, A-FNS), and the associated machine systems;
  2. Analyses of buildings and integrated systems (electronics, diagnostic, etc.);
  3. Safety, contamination, materials, radwaste;
  4. Methodologies and code developments suitable for fusion neutronics applications;
  5. Neutronics benchmarks of fusion-related nuclear data and cross-section libraries;
  6. Fusion neutronics computations, and experiments on all types of scientifically valid innovative fusion facilities.

To present your achievements in computational and experimental fusion neutronics, we at Fusion Science and Technology invite you to submit to this impactful special issue. This collection of research will show how much we have progressed from the previous state of knowledge published six years ago, in 2018—see Ref. [1].


Wishing you good luck and high creativity with your research!

Arkady Serikov

Associate Editor, Fusion Science and Technology



[1] Serikov, A. (2018). Preface: Special issue on Fusion Neutronics. Fusion Science and Technology74(4), iii–iv.

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