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Peace Review

For a Special Issue on
Friendship, Peace and Social Justice

Manuscript deadline
15 April 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Heather Devere, University of Otago
[email protected]

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Friendship, Peace and Social Justice

Under the guest editorship of Heather Devere, Director of Practice at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies/Te Ao o Rongomaraeroa at the University of Otago, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 34(3) invites essays for a special issue on: Friendship, Peace and Social Justice.

Essays are invited that work at the nexus of friendship, peace and social justice at all levels of society, whether this be in interpersonal relationships or international relations, in informal and formal organizations, related to individuals or groups, whether connected to politics or not, philosophical, theoretical, or applied and practical. The importance of relationships for peace and peace work is clearly established in the literature, but what sort of relationships are these? Can friendship be a model for peace? Positive peace is not possible without social justice, but can social justice be sustained when partisan relationships are upheld? What sorts of peace practices enhance relationships? What is the role of friendship in ensuring justice? We encourage diversity and particularly welcome contributions from non-Western authors.

General themes that contributors can address in their essays include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Peace and friendship treaties
  • Friendship, nepotism and social justice
  • Civic friendship and peaceful interactions
  • Building relationships for more peaceful societies
  • Collaboration and cooperation in the workplace
  • Friendship as an ethical research method in peace studies
  • Indigenous friendship and peace studies
  • The Right to Peace
  • Encouraging friendships in education for peace
  • Cross-party friendships for political stability and harmony
  • Friendship and human rights advocacy
  • Connecting friendship, love, care and peace

Content Questions

Expression of Interest and questions to the guest editor are welcome, and may increase the chance of publication. Please direct content-based questions or concerns to the guest editor: Dr Heather Devere, [email protected]

Submission Instructions

Essays keen to be considered for inclusion in this special edition should be uploaded to the Peace Review Portal on the Taylor and Francis Journal website no later than April 15, 2022.

Peace Review accepts the following types of articles: Essay, Review, Interview, Collection, Oration

Articles should be submitted via the journal online portal and utilize the Taylor & Francis Journal WORD Template.

  • Essays:  2500–3500 words, excluding references.
  • Reviews: 3000-3500 words, excluding references.
  • Interviews: 1200-1500 words, including context
  • Collections: 1800-2000 words + 3-5 photos or images, excluding references
  • Oration: 3–5-minute audio file + transcription, accompanied by a written introduction/analysis of 800-1000 words
  • GRAPHICS: an individual, copyright compliant graphic (map, picture, photo etc.) counts as 250 words toward the word count.

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