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Science and Technology for the Built Environment

For a Special Issue on
Field-measured Performance of Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Systems

Abstract deadline
01 October 2021

Manuscript deadline
01 December 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Saqib Javed, Lund University
[email protected]

Fleur Loveridge, Leeds University
[email protected]

Simon Rees, Leeds University
[email protected]

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Field-measured Performance of Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Systems

The background for this special issue was spelled out in an editorial– “Addressing the building energy performance gap with measurements.” (https://doi.org/10.1080/23744731.2020.1718871) In short, published accounts of measured performance of heating, cooling, and ventilating systems are vanishingly rare. Yet, there is significant evidence that energy performance of installed systems is often significantly lower than that expected at the design stage – the so-called “building energy performance gap.”  We expect that a better understanding of the existence, causes, and remedies for this performance gap will improve building energy performance. Much of the available research in building energy performance has focused on energy use intensity (EUI) for the building.  Though EUI is a useful metric, it doesn’t distinguish between the load and the system performance, and for this special issue, we are particularly interested in the system performance. Finally, while it is anticipated that most papers will focus on energy, papers on the measured performance of the system in maintaining indoor environmental quality are also welcome.

Submission Instructions

  • Short abstracts are requested by October 1st, 2021.  They may be submitted by email to the journal's Managing Editor, Ms. Jennifer Holcomb at [email protected].
  • Please select "Special Issue C" when submitting the paper.

Additional guidance on papers for this special issue:

  • Publishing journal papers on field measured data can be challenging.  Field measured performance often takes the form of a case study. Such case studies are acceptable, but they need to “show unexpected results or teach new insights” (Spitler 2018) or provide some other form of generally useful technical contribution. This may be the most difficult hurdle for papers on field-measured performance, yet many of these papers will show unexpected results and also lead to new insights and/or technical contributions.
  • As discussed by Cook (2019), STBE papers are expected to be technically rigorous, including an uncertainty analysis.

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