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Marriage & Family Review

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Exemplary, Strong Black Marriages and Families: Findings from Strengths-Focused

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06 May 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Antonius Skipper, Georgia State University
[email protected]

Justin Hendricks, Penn State University
[email protected]

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Exemplary, Strong Black Marriages and Families: Findings from Strengths-Focused

Social science on marriage has often followed a medical model by focusing on pathologies, problems, and deficits while failing to direct equal attention to “exemplary” models of marital and relational health. This pattern is regrettable because there are vital insights that can be gained from an in-depth study of exemplary marriages and relationships. A conspicuous omission in the literature is that Strong Black marriages and families have rarely been explored in profound depth.

This issue will present rigorous empirical work (quantitative and qualitative) that focuses on exemplary, long-term (preferably 20 years or more) Black marriages and the families associated with these marriages. Suitable articles will be empirically excellent, conceptually rich, and focused on marital and familial strengths.

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight features, qualities, and principles evident in exemplary Black marriages and families. This is vital given the historically “deficit” perspective through which Black families have been typically viewed and portrayed.

The goal of this special issue is:

(1)   To highlight what has been learned from and about exemplary Black marriages and families in recent years.

(2)   To stimulate additional research that takes a salutogenic or strengths-focused approach to Black families in order to learn how and why things go right—and to facilitate these healthful patterns and processes.

Submission Instructions

All submissions should be sent to the journal submission portal accessible through the journal homepage. Upon submission please indicate your paper is for a speical issue using the radio buttons and choose the special issue title from the drop down menu.

Manuscripts should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages including references and appendices. Please note in the cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted to the special issue “Exemplary, Strong Black Marriages and Families: Findings from Strengths-Focused Approaches.” 

All papers must follow the APA style, please review the instructions for authors page on the journal website for all submisison instructions.

Please contact the guest editors with questions or to discuss submission ideas:

(1)   Antonius Skipper – [email protected]

(2)   Justin Hendricks - [email protected]

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