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Manuscript deadline
01 July 2021

Cover image - Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability

Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability

Special Issue Editor(s)

Jennifer Clegg, University of Nottingham, UK
[email protected]

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European Approaches to Intellectual Disability

Research often prefers the universal and abstract, but when traditions become repetitive or sluggish the avant garde is more likely to be found in the particular and at the margins. This special issue explores the possibility that contemporary concepts, practices, and services for people with intellectual disabilities would be more usefully viewed through a regional lens.

JIDD asks whether there is a distinctive character to the support continental Europe offers to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. If politics are influential are they expressed primarily in higher levels of funding in social democratic countries, or in different service priorities and styles? What about boundaries: are people with ‘borderline’ levels of ability supported by ID services, or elsewhere? What is the influence of philosophy, and locally distinct concepts such as social pedagogy? How do European cultures respond to trickier issues like sexuality, religion, offending? Has reverse integration worked, been reformed, or abandoned? And has Europe developed any other answer than ‘employment’ to the question: what makes life meaningful for adults living with ID?

JIDD invites continental European researchers in the social sciences, medicine and humanities to submit their findings to this special edition. Note that JIDD no longer accepts papers on autism if ID is not also present: for details of the editorial policy, please check the journal’s revised Aims and Scope.

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Submission Instructions

JIDD welcomes qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research; formal literature reviews; well-structured case studies, and theoretically-informed commentaries. Expected publication in Volume 47, Issue 1, 2022.

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