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Manuscript deadline
15 August 2020

Cover image - West European Politics

West European Politics

Special Issue Editor(s)

Klaus H. Goetz, University of Munich
[email protected]

Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, University of Copenhagen
[email protected]

Wolfgang C. Müller, University of Vienna
[email protected]

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The Corona Crisis in Europe: Reactions, Consequences, Lessons

West European Politics invites proposals for papers that examine the political and policy reactions to, and consequences of, the Corona (COVID-19) crisis in (Western) Europe. The papers will form part of a special issue on “The Corona Crisis in Europe: Reactions, Consequences, Lessons”. This special issue will seek to understand crisis responses and examine how the crisis affects political systems at national and EU levels. The special issue editors invite papers that seek to explain how institutional and political factors have shaped the way in which the crisis has been defined and handled. They also welcome papers that offer insights into the likely longer-term consequences of crisis reactions. Many empirical issues speak to this agenda. The following topics are illustrative of the issues and themes that the special issue seeks to address:

  • Public opinion reactions to crisis and crisis management
  • Health policy reactions
  • Social policy and economic policy reactions
  • Crises responses of, and consequences of, different welfare state types
  • The nature and role of expertise in shaping policy responses
  • Civil liberties, privacy concerns and crisis-fighting
  • How the crisis has affected government–opposition relations
  • How the crisis has affected executive–legislative relations
  • Federal and unitary state organization and patterns of responses
  • Understanding the role of EU institutions in the Corona crisis
  • Explaining policy performance during the crisis
  • The crisis, national and nationalistic responses
  • Consequences for political economy and state-economy relations
  • Consequences for European integration

WEP welcomes both comparative papers and national case studies on these and other topics relating to the Corona crisis.

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Submission Instructions

Potential authors should send an expression of interest to the editors of WEP by 6 May 2020 (Klaus H. Goetz [email protected]; Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen [email protected]; Wolfgang C. Müller [email protected]). The expression should consist of a working title and an outline of the planned focus and the data to be used in the article. The outline should not exceed 300 words. Manuscripts of the articles will need to be submitted for peer-review by 15 August 2020 at the latest.

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