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Qualitative Research in Psychology

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Epistemic Knots: Dilemmas and Desire in Qualitative Research

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01 April 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Kate Sheese, Sigmund Freud University Berlin
[email protected]

Britton Williams, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
[email protected]

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Epistemic Knots: Dilemmas and Desire in Qualitative Research

The focus of this special issue has grown out of a collection of narratives developed in response to a ‘simple’ prompt in a dissertation seminar: write about a knot in your work.  What emerged in the seminar was an intricate embroidery of dilemmas and desires in seeking to do justice in/through psychological research.  This collection of knot narratives suggested a double knot, so to speak, at the heart of doing justice – a braiding of epistemological and ethical concerns.

Pieces explored tensions in doing justice through psychological research and (necessarily) wrestled with questions of how to develop epistemic/ethical/affective tools needed to do justice to the complex and entangled phenomena, lived experiences, relationships entrusted to us. We seek to extend this invitation to engage with epistemic knots to a broader web of qualitative researchers concerned with issues of justice in their work amid the complexities of navigating the complicated realities/dreams/tensions that exist in and across academia and qualitative research.

We invite manuscripts that consider knots in doing justice in/through qualitative research in psychology: tensions, dilemmas, positions held/difficult to hold.  A knot invites attention to entanglements, non-linearity, convolutedness, threats of coming undone, holding, connecting, braiding histories, loops in space/time, tangles, twistedness, constrictions, what is out of sight.  Submissions may address a range of knots including methodological, affective, intrapsychic, conceptual, transnational, political, ethical, aesthetic dilemmas and/or desires in qualitative research.  We would be particularly interested in submissions in conversation with work on multiple belongings and accountabilities (Cahill, 2019; Fine, 2016), centering care, love, and community in your work (Cahill, 2022; Williams, 2023 ), conflicts of interest,  hauntings, and resurrections (Abi‐Ghannam, Perkins, & Fine, 2023; Guishard, Halkovic,  Galletta, & Li, 2018), politics/poetics of language and translation (Freeman, 2011, hooks, 1994), engaging grief and mourning as epistemic practice (Devich-Cyril, 2021) . Questions that authors might contend with include: Who is your work committed and accountable to? How do the demands/expectations of systems and institutions suffocate and/or strain these commitments? How does your work dis/rupt and unsettle the often oppressive obstacles set forth within these systems? What knots have you had to grapple with and or untangle in your academic and research practices? How have you tried to center care, love, community in your work?  How have you tried listening for/to knots in your research?

Submission Instructions

We invite a range of submissions from students, scholars, and practitioners engaged in qualitative research engaged in matters of justice. Additionally, we welcome submissions that cover a range of styles including poetry, vignettes, short stories, and other creative media. Manuscripts (8000 words maximum) should be submitted to Britton Williams and Kate Sheese by 1 March 2024.

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