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Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies

For a Special Issue on
Policy Related Environmental Disaster and the Socio-Cultural Impacts in Mongolia

Manuscript deadline
31 July 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Hiroki Takakura, Tohoku University, Japan
[email protected]

Takahiro Ozaki, Kagoshima University, Japan
[email protected]

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Policy Related Environmental Disaster and the Socio-Cultural Impacts in Mongolia

The pastoral economy is a strong cultural tradition in Mongolia (both of outer and inner) and it has provided people with the base of their livelihoods and cultural identity. How does its resilience function or malfunction against changes? The purpose of this special issue is to address the socio-cultural processes in local-regional levels and to evaluate them in contemporary northeast Asian contexts. The collapse of the socialist regime, the impact of China, and climate change - these drastic conversions of the past quarter of the century in Mongolia will be addressed. The government has promptly responded in the form of policies, some are valid and others invalid, both which brought the environment change and disaster. Anthropologists and sociologists will identify the issues ethnographically and examine the local and regional correspondences, uncovering policy-environment-cultural interaction in Mongolia and beyond.


Submission Instructions

Submissions should be made via the journal’s Editorial Manager website found here. When making your submission, authors will be presented with an option to specify that your paper is for a special issue, and will be able to choose the special issue 'Policy related environmental disaster and the socio-cultural impacts in Mongolia' from a drop down menu.

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