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Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

For a Special Issue on
Entrepreneurship for transformative change and social impact in sub–Saharan Africa

Manuscript deadline
16 August 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Amon Simba, Nottingham Business School (NBS), UK
[email protected]

Prof. Patient Rambe, Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), South Africa
[email protected]

Prof. Crispen Chipunza, Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), South Africa
[email protected]

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Entrepreneurship for transformative change and social impact in sub–Saharan Africa

Research that has focused on emerging and transitioning economies, in sub–Saharan Africa, suggests that the region has huge potential to contribute to the field of entrepreneurship (Simba, Ojong & Kuk, 2020). But irrespective of this promise, the region’s growing youth and gender dividend (The African Women’s Development and Communication Network [FEMNET], 2017), growing recognition, at institutional level, of the significance of financing entrepreneurship initiatives (Beck, 2011), increased use of science and technology (Kapur, 2019) for transforming rural and peri–urban settlements alongside new forms of transformative economic practices in business (Avelino et al., 2015) still remain disproportionately under–represented in entrepreneurship research. Existing literature (e.g., Sutter et al., 2019) acknowledges that entrepreneurship can be a transformative force with profound socio–economic impact on any society. Further insights into entrepreneurship and innovation activity (Thai et al., 2020) within sub–Saharan Africa will not only advance entrepreneurship research in a meaningful way, but it will also provide interventions for socio–economic transformation. This is important, particularly at a time when sub–Saharan Africa, is dealing with widespread and pervasive COVID–19 disruptions that have coincided with existing longstanding socio–economic inequalities (Kansiime et al., 2020).

Considering this urgent need for research on entrepreneurship in sub–Saharan Africa, this call for papers by the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE) in association with the Centre of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies (CEES), invites scholars, researchers – experienced and early career researchers, PhD students and practitioners involved in entrepreneurship and small business research within the context of sub–Saharan Africa and beyond to submit their research. The Editorial team welcomes both empirical and conceptual scholarly research. For this JSBE Special Issue we accept original research from both interested scholars, practitioners and participants at the bi–annual International Conference on Entrepreneurship Development (ICED).

Relevant manuscript(s) should focus on any of the research strands listed below. All the papers received for this Special Issue will go through a double blind review process.

  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Informal Entrepreneurship
  • Micro–entrepreneurship
  • Artisanal entrepreneurship
  • Rural entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial, cooperative networks and social capital
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions
  • Digital entrepreneurship for rural transformation
  • Social entrepreneurship in various economies
  • Innovative financing of SMMEs in various economies
  • New approaches to entrepreneurial leadership
  • New insights into innovation in SMMEs
  • New forms of ventures in various economies.
  • Trends in youth empowerment and entrepreneurship
  • The convergence of gender, science and technology and entrepreneurship
  • Emerging strategies of SMME businesses
  • New constructions and conceptual understanding of formal and informal dichotomy of small and micro enterprises (SMEs)
  • University entrepreneurship ecosystems.

For any inquiries related to this call for research, please contact the Associate Editor for JSBE Dr. Amon Simba at [email protected], ICED’s Editor–in–Chief, Prof Patient Rambe, at [email protected] and ICED’s Chair Prof Crispen Chipunza, at [email protected].

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