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Technology Analysis & Strategic Management

For a Special Issue on
Entrepreneurship trajectories: investigating predictors, outcomes, and dynamics of technology-driven processes addressed by young innovative companies

Manuscript deadline
31 December 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Prof. Diego Matricano, Università degli Studi della Campania "L. Vanvitelli"
[email protected]

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Entrepreneurship trajectories: investigating predictors, outcomes, and dynamics of technology-driven processes addressed by young innovative companies

Over the past decade, Young Innovative Companies (YICs) have gained consistent attention among scholars and policy makers worldwide (Schneider & Veugelers, 2010; Czarnitzki & Delanote, 2013; Mas-Tur & Moya, 2015; Matricano, 2020a). By definition, YICs are new and small firms stoutly involved in innovation activities. Because of these characteristics, YICs are expected to introduce relevant technological changes onto markets and generate a sizeable economic and social development (Matricano, 2020b).

Nevertheless, while there has been substantial research on national laws supporting YICs (Giraudo et al., 2019; Alperovych et al., 2020), on specific resources affecting their performances (Veugelers & Schneider, 2018; Colombelli et al., 2020) and on networks/ecosystems created to manage R&D activities (Noelia & Rosalia, 2020), concern with YICs entrepreneurship trajectories – i.e. dynamics taking place inside these firms – has received scarce attention. Innovation-related dynamics (Hyytinen et al., 2015), in fact, needs to be properly analyzed since they can affect the survival/failure rates of all the firms and, in particular, of YICs.

According to the above, this Call for Papers invites scholars to propose original contributions investigating predictors, dynamics, and outcomes of technology-driven processes addressed by YICs in order to report on the state-of-the-art and on emerging trends of entrepreneurship trajectories addressed by this kind of firms.

When talking about predictors, scholars focus their attention on R&D activities generally meant and – in particular – on some independent variables. These are investments in R&D activities, employing qualified researchers, holding a patent. By and large, achieved outcomes are considered in terms of economic, social and technological impact. The first stands for capital turnover generated by YICs; the second stands for rate of employment generated in the area YICs are in; the third stands for innovations that can get to the market (launching a new product or introducing a new process on the market).

Predictors and outcomes are related by specific dynamics that can take place (Matricano, 2020c). A predictor can affect a specific outcome rather than another one; it can be more or less relevant according to a specific industry, a specific context, or a specific entrepreneurial profile; alternatively, it can exert a direct or mediated impact. Thus, while the relevance of a predictor and/or of an outcome has been discussed, the issue of the dynamics that take place inside YICs still remains unknown and best practices or virtuous processes that should be shared and adopted are not widespread.

This Special Issue aims at addressing the above-mentioned gap by calling out for papers that can bring about empirical and theoretical research focused on predictors-outcomes and, in turn, on dynamics of technology-driven processes addressed by YICs. The main goal of this SI is to provide a premier forum for researchers in order to present research results regarding entrepreneurship trajectories (that YICs should be aware of before acting on the market) and in order to foster the creation of a coherent, cumulative body of knowledge about this topic.

The SI seeks papers that answer the core research questions posed above and that develop some related relevant topics. These include, but not limited to:

  • Which theories might address entrepreneurship trajectories?
  • What are the main predictors affecting entrepreneurship trajectories? How do entrepreneurship trajectories affect possible outcomes?
  • Do entrepreneurship trajectories depend on entrepreneurial profiles? Are they firm specific? Does the industry YICs are in generate a significant impact? Does localization (in different countries or regions) play a relevant role?
  • YICs are generally perceived as high-risk firms with a flexible approach to market. If this is true, does flexibility allow generalizing entrepreneurship trajectories?
  • Do entrepreneurship trajectories depend only on predictable factors or also on unpredictable events?
  • Is it possible and meaningful to monitor entrepreneurship trajectories in the medium/short run? Do entrepreneurship trajectories evolve over time?
  • Which are the practical and theoretical implications in studying entrepreneurship trajectories?

Submitted manuscripts will be judged on the merits of:

  1. their contribution to the research literature;
  2. the depth and completeness of thoughts, ideas, and technical levels that are presented;
  3. the integration of the research with existing relevant research and other related literature; and
  4. the writing quality.

All contributions must fit into the scope of “Technology Analysis and Strategic Management” and respect the author guidelines of the journal.