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International Journal of Vegetable Science

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Strategies for Sustainable Production of Vegetables by Enhancing Soil Fertility

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31 December 2024

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Rui Machado, Universidade de √Čvora, Portugal
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Anna Karin Rosberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
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Isaac Aiyelaagbe, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta
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Strategies for Sustainable Production of Vegetables by Enhancing Soil Fertility

As the number of people living in the world continues to rise, the need for food escalates, placing significant pressure on agricultural systems. However, meeting this heightened demand often leads to unsustainable farming practices, gradually degrading soil quality over time. Soil fertility, crucial for agriculture, is the essential medium through which plants extract nutrients and water for growth. Fertile soils enhance crop yields and contribute to ecosystem stability, water retention, and carbon sequestration.

Despite the importance of soil fertility, soil degradation is a pressing global concern, emphasising the need for strategies to enhance soil fertility. Factors such as soil erosion, compaction, loss of organic matter, and increasing salinity and acidity levels contribute to declining soil fertility worldwide. Alarmingly, up to 40% of arable soils are affected by soil acidification, decreasing soil organic matter and posing significant challenges to global vegetable production.

Soil degradation has far-reaching environmental and social implications, including heightened greenhouse gas emissions, compromised water quality, and reduced carbon sequestration capacity. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, soil degradation exacerbates poverty, food insecurity, and social instability.

Please note that while this Special Issue aims to enhance soil fertility, the primary focus should remain on plant production, specifically vegetables. Therefore, this Special Issue promotes sustainable vegetable production by enhancing soil fertility. We seek innovative strategies and approaches to rejuvenate soil fertility in vegetable production. Contributions are invited to explore various aspects of soil fertility enhancement in vegetable production, including but not limited to:

  • Novel techniques for soil conservation and fertility restoration in producing vegetables
  • Integrated soil management practices for sustainable vegetable production
  • Biochar and organic amendments for improving soil health to benefit vegetable production
  • Agroecological approaches to enhance soil fertility and vegetable yields
  • Nutrient management strategies for optimising vegetable production and quality while preserving soil fertility

We welcome original research articles and reviews that offer insights into the challenges, opportunities, and advancements in sustainable vegetable production through soil fertility enhancement. Join us in advancing knowledge and solutions towards building resilient and productive agricultural systems for a sustainable future in vegetable production.