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English in Education

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ENGLISH SUBJECT ASSOCIATIONS: past, present, and future

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01 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Gary Snapper, University of Oxford
[email protected]

John Hodgson, University of the West of England
[email protected]

Andy Goodwin, University of Bedfordshire
[email protected]

Simon Gibbons, King's College London
[email protected]

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ENGLISH SUBJECT ASSOCIATIONS: past, present, and future

To mark the 60th anniversary of English in Education, which began in 1964 as NATE Bulletin, we invite contributions to a special issue of EIE on English subject associations, past, present and future. Sixty years on, the world of English teaching has changed dramatically.   This special issue will address the work of the various English and literacy associations, national and international, and the ways in which their role may develop in new times.  We invite research articles (c. 4000-5000 words) and shorter reflective and/or creative pieces on any aspect of the work of an English subject association. This list of possible topics is merely indicative: we welcome the unexpected.


  1. English/Literacy subject associations: history; inter-relationships
  2. SAs and teachers’ professional identity
  3. The relations between SAs and government, e.g. Schools Council to QCA, and after the demise of QCA
  4. SAs’ contribution to specific topics in English education, e.g. language & learning, speaking and listening (oracy), assessing children's progress, children's culture, literacy, literacies and multiliteracies, technology and multimodality, writing, teachers as writers, genre, progression, class reading, wider reading, formal assessment, etc. etc.
  5. IFTE, overseas associations and international issues
  6. Changes in association structure – e.g., from branches to regions
  7. People of especial significance
  8. SA publications : journals, magazine, newsletters
  9. The social function of SAs: conferences, humour
  10. Roles and relevance in the future

Submission Instructions

Please prepare your submission in line with the journal’s guidelines for authors, available here: Submissions should be made via our ScholarOne site,, by 1 February 2024. Please select the correct ‘Special Issue’ as the Manuscript Type. To discuss a possible contribution, please email:


Simon Gibbons: [email protected]

Andy Goodwyn: [email protected]

John Hodgson: [email protected]

Gary Snapper: [email protected]

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