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Emerging technologies and cybersecurity

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20 September 2024

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22 November 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Emily Taylor, Associate Fellow, Chatham House
[email protected]

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Emerging technologies and cybersecurity

Emerging technologies have been both sensationalized and under-studied. They have been sensationalized because investment and interest in their development depends – partially – on their potential. They have been under-studied because that potential is yet unknown and is likely to be far greater and more widely applicable than imaginable. Underscoring all of this is the translation of technological and scientific development to policy. Overshadowing all of this is the cybersecurity of these technologies and how vulnerable these technologies may be to cyber threats.

Crucially, emerging technologies will not only impact the cyber domain. Engineered biology will impact the healthcare sector and pharmaceutical industries. Nanotechnology could contribute to new solutions for dealing with the climate emergency. Robotics could transform the way public services are delivered. Artificial intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs) could shift the way academia operates. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact and influence of emerging technologies – and their vulnerabilities and necessary security requirements – is vital to recognizing the potential and challenges of these technologies early on. This leads to important questions about emerging technologies around their cyber and physical security, their ethical development and use, and the potential misuse and abuse.

The Journal calls for papers which explore one or more the following themes. This list is not exhaustive, and the team is willing to consider other relevant topics.

* Cybersecurity and physical security of emerging technologies.
* Risk and threat analyses of emerging technologies.
* Horizon-scanning of emerging technologies and their potential.
* How emerging technologies could advance cybersecurity.
* Regulation of emerging technologies.
* Industry and/or government best practice in ethical and responsible development of emerging technologies.
* Emerging technologies in the healthcare sector, climate sciences, industry and business, and/or public services and governance.
* Gendered, racial and/or intersectional analyses of emerging technologies.
* International cooperation and competition on emerging technologies.
* The relationship/intersection between harnessing the power of emerging technologies and demonstrating responsible cyber power.
* Malicious use of emerging technologies.
* Emerging technologies in conflict and war.
* Cryptocurrency.

Submission Instructions

Under this call for papers, the Journal will accept the following types of submission:

* Research article;
* Practitioner article; and
* Book review

Prospective authors can find details of each type of submission under the Journal's 'Instructions for Authors'.

When submitting your abstract or manuscript, please choose "Emerging technologies and cybersecurity".

Abstracts should be submitted via the Journal's submission portal. While the Journal is requesting abstracts by 20 September 2024, prospective authors may choose to submit a full manuscript in the first instance.

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