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Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

For a Special Issue on
Ecosystem Health, Ecological Risk and Ecological Security

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30 June 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Zhang Yan, Beijing Normal University
[email protected]

Junhong Bai, Beijing Normal University
[email protected]

Brian D. Fath, Editor-in-Chief, Ecological Modelling, and Professor, Towson University
[email protected]

Gang Liu, University of Southern Denmark
[email protected]

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Ecosystem Health, Ecological Risk and Ecological Security

Several types of ecosystems are the basis for human survival and development. They provide humans with natural resources and a living environment. The safety and health of these ecosystems are therefore closely related to human survival.

However, human activities significantly affect these ecosystems, potentially breaking their original ecological balance and causing serious ecological and environmental problems, which in turn lead to imbalances and disorders of ecological processes and degradation of their ecological functions. In addition to the effects on the ecosystems, these imbalances and disorders have serious consequences for humans. Many ecosystems face serious ecological risks under the disturbance caused by human activities, and this creates a significant risk for sustainable development of human society.

Ecological health, ecological risk, and ecological security are therefore important research topics that have become an ongoing concern in the field of environmental ecology. These three areas are clearly related due to their similarities and interactions, but they also have important differences. Ecological health research diagnoses the status and problems of the ecosystem, whereas ecological risk evaluates the threats to the ecosystem and ecological security focuses on protecting the ecosystem’s health. When studies in these areas are supported by the latest cutting-edge research on the health–risk–safety system, they can provide important scientific support for decision-makers to formulate regulatory and ecological restoration measures that will restore the disrupted balances and promote more sustainable development of the ecosystems.

Thus, this subject has important scientific and practical significance from the perspectives of ecological health, ecological degradation, ecological risk, and ecological security, all of which have important implications for ecological restoration and regulation, which are the core contents of this special issue.

This special issue will focus on the impacts of social and economic activities on different scales and types of ecosystem, and will provide a solid foundation for future exchanges among scholars. We hope that this special issue will guide and accelerate future research on ecological health, risk, and security, thereby providing increasing support for ecological restoration and regulations. We encourage contributions from around the world to provide a more holistic picture of this subject area.

This special issue is part of a cross-disciplinary collection in support of the European Commission’s Horizon Missions, with contributions from across the Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences. These missions collectively represent important research and policy priorities facing our global society. The collection will be published to be timed with Earth Day 2022 (22 April 2022) as part of a collaborative effort to support real-world research that addresses the SDGs and global policy priorities.

Submission Instructions

Please indicate the special issue title of "Ecosystem Health, Ecological Risk and Ecological Security” when submitting your paper.

Tentative date for publication: As soon as accepted

*All papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The papers will be published one by one. Once a paper is accepted after a peer-review, it will be published immediately online. After all the papers are published, they will be linked online together as a Special Issue.

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