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Manuscript deadline
31 August 2021

Cover image - Studies in Eastern European Cinema

Studies in Eastern European Cinema

Special Issue Editor(s)

Lars Kristensen, University of Skövde
[email protected]

Ewa Mazierska, University of Central Lancashire
[email protected]

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Gaming Eastern Europe: Production, Distribution and Consumption

The computer game industry has outgrown the film and music industry and its potential global revenue attracts attention from politicians, as well as economics and industry development. Computer games are a commodity that generates interests from all corners of the world as being uprooted in terms of national and regional allegiances. Yet we still see, or feel, certain Eastern Europeanness in certain games such as Papers, Please (2013) or The Witcher (2001-2018), whether these are based on the work by Eastern European game makers or not, set or produced in Eastern Europe. It is this relationship that certain computer games have to the Eastern Europe that this issue seeks to explore. Being both within the humanities and computer sciences, game studies has debated at length the notion of how games should be investigated, but in this issue we will take the parameters of production, distribution and consumption as the main framework. What textual characteristics do we find in Eastern European gaming? What industry structures are commanding game production in Eastern Europe? What allegiances does game companies have when moving from Kiev, Ukraine to Sliema, Malta as with 4A Games? How are smaller countries doing in relation to bigger countries? Do we see cross-cultural collaboration or old animosity being keep alive? What is the evolution of player communities?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Histories of game production in Eastern Europe;
  • Trends or movements in regional or national game production;
  • Indie game development and auteur aspects of game production in Eastern Europe;
  • Representation of  ‘Eastern Europeanness’ in games;
  • Player culture and player related issues in Eastern Europe;
  • Eastern European scholarship on computer games;
  • Adaptations and transmedia production in Eastern Europe;
  • Eastern European animation industries and game development.

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