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Early Years: an international research journal

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Building professionalism in early childhood education through professional associations and unions

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08 September 2023

Manuscript deadline
05 April 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Cynthia Adlerstein, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chile
[email protected]

Marcela Pardo, CIAE, University of Chile
[email protected]

Linda Mitchell, University of Waikato, New Zealand
[email protected]

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Building professionalism in early childhood education through professional associations and unions

Early childhood education associations and unions (ECEAUs) have the capacity to build and sustain professionalism by constituting a force in generating visions, debates, and governance mechanisms for the profession and its workforce. Conversely, the weakness of ECEAUs is symptomatic of fragility in the ECE field. ECEAUs are embedded in neoliberal global trends that disengage the ECE workforce, weakening and breaking up workforce solidarity and agency under the pressure of governments pursuing accountability, competition, and standards-based educational policies.

Understanding how ECEAUs experience this neoliberal context and what actions they enact to confront, contest, and bypass these trends to build professionalism in early childhood education is imperative. This Special Issue aims to expand the discussion on the complexities, knowledge, and horizons of ECEAUs within a neoliberal context. The call will cover associations' and unions' debates, relations, and actions, bringing up diverse understandings of their roles and challenges. We invite contributors from various countries, acknowledging the diversity of geographies, paradigms, political agendas, and methodologies to explore how professionalism builds through ECEAUs.

We welcome the submission of abstracts for proposed papers on topics and themes, including cases of achievements, legacies, and influences at different levels of building professionalism through ECEAUs, within neoliberal contexts. We will also accept comparative perspectives on ECEAU cultures, their models of collective action, pathways, agendas, and relations. Furthermore, we welcome work showing ECEAUs' influence in politics and policies of ECE professionalism and discussion on ECEAUs' participation in public decision-making.

Submission Instructions

  1. We expect a first abstract submission to the Guest Editors by September 8th, 2023.
  2. The abstract should be no more than 500 words and should be emailed to the Guest Editors: Cynthia Adlerstein, Marcela Pardo and Linda Mitchell ([email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected])
  3. The submission date for full papers will be April 5th, 2024. If the Guest Editors approve your abstract, they will invite you to submit to the journal’s ScholarOne submission site. All articles will be blind peer reviewed.
  4. Articles can be up to 6000 words, including references, tables, figures, captions, and endnotes.
  5. Accepted papers will be published online as soon as they are reviewed and processed.
  6. The Editorial Committee has planned that papers will appear in the December 2024 print issue of the journal.

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