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Advances in Mental Health

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Early Childhood as a Time for Prevention and Early Intervention

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01 June 2024

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31 October 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Melissa Stormont, University of Missouri
[email protected]

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Early Childhood as a Time for Prevention and Early Intervention

Early childhood is a critical time for prevention and the best time to intervene with social emotional risk.  As families and children with social, emotional, and mental health needs interface with many different professionals and agencies, it is vital that coordinated approaches to risk and early intervention are accessed and harnessed.  Interdisciplinary and agency collaborations can support sustainable interventions across settings, individuals, and time.  Young children at risk for social emotional problems often have families and teachers who also need support (e.g., coaching, understanding developmental differences) to effectively work with children’s challenging behaviour.  Children may also have speech and language concerns, kindergarten readiness problems, and other needs that warrant coordinated approaches and collaborations.   This special issue will focus on promising approaches, strategies, and efforts to establish early risk indicators to support children at greatest risk in the early childhood years.

Submission Instructions

Topics may include research that targets families, early childhood professionals within preschools, or children.  Support strategies under investigation might include increasing children’s access to support, increasing parent and professional awareness, collaboration procedures for family and early childhood professionals as well as data systems and tools for addressing community, school, or classroom needs.

Authors need to ensure that they select the special issue title "Early Childhood as a Time for Prevention and Early Intervention " when submitting their paper.

  1. Abstracts of 200-250 words due June 1, 2024.

Please email these directly to Dr. Melissa Stormont at [email protected]

We will inform you by July 1, 2024 if your abstract has been accepted to submit a full copy of the article.

  1. Full manuscripts due October 31, 2024.

We will encourage authors to make accepted manuscripts available via a pre-print server so that research is as accessible as possible to the peer support community.

Please contact the Guest Editor of the special issue, Dr Melissa Stormont, if you have any queries about a potential submission at [email protected]

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