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Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System (opening 1st July, closing date 30th September 2024)

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30 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Claudia Girardone, Essex Business School, University of Essex
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Dr Ylva Baeckström, King’s Business School, King’s College London
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Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System (opening 1st July, closing date 30th September 2024)

In an era of uncertainty and volatility/risk where the global financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, promoting diversity and inclusion is necessary to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the financial sector. Recent research has shown that diversity of thought and perspectives are catalysts for innovation and sound decision-making, which, in turn, fosters a more sustainable financial ecosystem. In recognition of these critical issues, we are delighted to announce a Special Issue on ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System’.


The theme considers how the financial services industry has the potential to serve as a fundamental vehicle to promote sustainable business strategies for the future and to function as a role model for other actors. This includes, but is not limited to, those who are employed in or are consumers of financial products and services, financial services firms, related businesses and policy makers. We invite academics, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to submit their original research articles on the following or related topics:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Finance: Exploring the state of diversity and inclusion in the financial system, including but not limited to gender diversity (senior representation and pay gap), ethnic and cultural diversity, and diversity of perspectives.
  • Inclusive Leadership in Finance: Analysing the impact of inclusive leadership practices and the development of inclusive cultures within financial services institutions or related industries.
  • Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Financial Performance: Assessing how diversity and inclusion policies influence financial performance, soundness and risk management in the finance sector.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System: Examining the potential synergy between diversity and inclusion initiatives and sustainability goals within the financial sector.
  • Regulatory and Policy Frameworks: Evaluating the role of regulation and policy making in promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability in the financial system.
  • Financial Innovation for Sustainability: Investigating innovative financial products, services, and technologies (Fintech) designed to promote sustainability and inclusion.
  • Individual and corporate investment and funding decision-making in relation to sustainability (Environmental, social, and governance, ‘ESG’)., e.g., channelling funds and investments towards sustainable projects; integration of sustainability into financial firm practices.

Participants of the Swedish Community for Sustainable Finance Conference 2024, Gothenburg University, Sweden 25-26 April 2024 are particularly encouraged to submit to the special issue, however the call is also open for submissions outside the conference.

Submission Instructions

Submitting authors should follow standard EJF submission instructions and submit via the journal’s portal specifying that their manuscript is intended for the special issue on ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System’. The journal’s standard screening and peer-review processes and submission fee will apply, as stated in the submission instructions.

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