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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Gerontology & Geriatrics Education

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01 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Rona Karasik, St. Cloud State University
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Gerontology & Geriatrics Education

Gerontology & Geriatrics Education invites manuscript submissions for a special issue: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Gerontology & Geriatrics Education.

Gerontology and geriatrics have long advocated for the consideration and inclusion of older adults in community, policy, practice and research. Systemic ageism, however, cannot be separated from the context and power dynamics inherent in structural racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, xenophobia and the like.

Momentum toward DEI initiatives in gerontology can be seen in the Gerontological Society of America (GSA)’s broad commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of its operations, advocacy, and approaches to research, policy and practice (GSA, 2023,, as well as in the GSA journal portfolio editors’ statements embracing DEI in all aspects of research and publication (Kelley & Thorpe, 2023; Meeks et al., 2022).

Education is at the heart of effecting social change, so this special issue is designed to explore best practices for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion both in the content of gerontological education, as well as to broadening the populations we are preparing as future researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and educators.

For this special issue, DEI in gerontological education is defined broadly to include age and one or more of the following: ability, culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, size and other forms of diversity.

Topics that will be considered include but are not limited to:

  • Novel approaches to teaching and/or developing educational content about one or more aspects of integrating DEI in gerontology or geriatric clinical practice.
  • Successful models for preparing students, staff and/or educators to work with diverse populations of older adults.
  • Effective educational practices for addressing biases (conscious and unconscious) toward underrepresented groups of older adults and/or diverse staff working with older adults.
  • Successful programs for fostering cultural competence in current and future researchers, practitioners, and policy makers working in the field of aging.
  • Innovations for addressing disparities and removing barriers for diverse students and professionals seeking opportunities for education and professional development in gerontology and geriatrics.
  • Preparing future researchers and scholars to recognize and appropriately incorporate issues related to underserved populations into their work.
  • Research and practice on appropriately incorporating anti-racist/anti-oppression pedagogies into the gerontological curriculum.
  • Developing, implementing, and assessing academic and community partnerships for providing aging-focused education and health equity for underserved populations.
  • Addressing the educational needs of diverse populations of older adults.

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