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Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

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New perspectives in trauma and dissociation informed practice

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01 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Michael Salter, Childlight UNSW, University of New South Wales
[email protected]

A/Professor Benjamin Israel, University of Medicine, University of Maryland,
[email protected]

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New perspectives in trauma and dissociation informed practice

This special issue will draw together new insights and scholarship into trauma informed practice (TIP), with a focus on the needs of individuals and communities experiencing complex trauma and dissociation. Scholarship and guidance on TIP is often oriented toward complex trauma although this not always explicitly acknowledged, while dissociation remains on the margins of TIP frameworks. The co-editors of this special issue invite papers that that place complex trauma and dissociation in their many forms at the center of TIP, and consider how TIP frameworks can be developed, enriched and elaborated.

Submission Instructions

The papers may include original research, rigorously conducted reviews and theoretically innovative analyses. All submissions will be subject to expert scrutiny via a thorough peer review process. Topics to be explored include, but are not limited, to:

  • Approaches to TIP that acknowledge and address the dissociative disorders.
  • Perspectives on trauma and dissociation informed practice in a particular setting (i.e., healthcare, prisons, schools, universities, law enforcement, legal proceedings).
  • A systems focus on TIP that recognizes how an organization’s mission, values, culture, and overall design can exacerbate or ameliorate the impacts of complex trauma and dissociation
  • Historical, intergenerational, collective and community dynamics that may perpetuate harm or promote healing from complex trauma , and the consideration of these dynamics in TIP frameworks.
  • Examination of certain professional practices which may risk retraumatizing individuals with complex trauma and dissociative disorders (e.g., use of restraints in mental health care, the treatment of witnesses in evidence law, job performance evaluations, professional onboarding and termination)
  • Approaches to training, implementation, and quality assessment/improvement in TIP.
  • Case reports describing the implementation of a trauma and dissociation informed practice.
  • Systematic reviews or meta-analyses examining one or more aspects of TIP.

It is recommended that authors send a proposed title and abstract to the editors for discussion. Complete submissions of no more than 5500 words should be submitted to the Submission Portal system by 1 June 2024, indicating the paper is for the SI by using the radio buttons and choosing the SI title from the drop down list.

All correspondence should be sent to [email protected].

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