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Digital entrepreneurship and technology innovation trends: searching for competitive advantage through artificial intelligence

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30 November 2023

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Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University
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Vitor Braga, Porto Polytechnic
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Paul Jones, Swansea University
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Digital entrepreneurship and technology innovation trends: searching for competitive advantage through artificial intelligence

Digital entrepreneurship is at the forefront of most technological innovations in today's competitive global marketplace. This has meant artificial intelligence is a topic everyone is talking about due to recent technological advancements that have revolutionised business. It is a very exciting time for entrepreneurs and small business managers to incorporate artificial intelligence into business activities. Whilst artificial intelligence is currently a buzzword and everyone is talking about it, research from an entrepreneurship and small business perspective has only just begun. This special journal issue will delve more into what the rapid changes in artificial intelligence will mean for entrepreneurship and small business. This includes understanding the challenges as well as opportunities emerging from artificial intelligence will bring to society. Thereby including questioning whether smart forms of entrepreneurship will be derived from artificial intelligence transformations. Currently the fast changes made possible by artificial intelligence are requiring entrepreneurs to adapt. We call in this special journal issue for small business and entrepreneurship scholars to proactively address new research topics. This will enable practitioners, educators and policy makers to better prepare for the world where artificial intelligence is endemic in society.

Artificial intelligence will replace many tasks that are currently conducted by humans and influence the new venture process . As a consequence additional forms of entrepreneurship will emerge. Thus, recent developments are simultaneously changing work conditions and how we conduct entrepreneurship. Closer scrutiny of how the global economic, political and technological environment will change due to artificial intelligence is required. There is a need to understand from a stakeholder perspective how novel forms of artificial intelligence will lead to creative change. We contend that the business consequences derived from such change have the potential to transform society. Potential topics to be addressed in the special journal issue include:

  • What types of new digital entrepreneurship trends are emerging?
  • What kind of technological innovations will change entrepreneurship and small business practices?
  • How will existing entrepreneurship practices change due to novel artificial intelligence advances?
  • What new small business theories are needed that incorporate an artificial intelligence perspective?
  • How will entrepreneurs diffuse artificial intelligence technology?
  • What kinds of inequality will result from the use of artificial intelligence?
  • How can societal and transformational entrepreneurship be utilised in an artificial intelligence setting?
  • How does artificial intelligence influence entrepreneurship performance and intention?
  • What types of new entrepreneurship will emerge from artificial intelligence usage and adoption?
  • What is the role of extended reality, distributed cloud and hyper automation in business?
  • How is sustainable technology and quantum altering entrepreneurial practices?
  • What kind of cybersecurity mesh and the digital immune system changing business?

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