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Design Meets AI: Challenges and Opportunities

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31 December 2023

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Chunyang Yu, China Academy of Art, China
[email protected]

Pai Zheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China
[email protected]

Tao Peng, Zhejiang University, China
[email protected]

Xun Xu, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
[email protected]

Steven Vos, Eindhoven University of Technology & Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
[email protected]

Xipei Ren, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
[email protected]

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Design Meets AI: Challenges and Opportunities

Across numerous industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and communication, a global transformation of product and service creation is unfolding as design meets Artificial Intelligence (AI). Generative AI tools like GPT-4 is now becoming an integral part of this paradigm shift. Such tools are not only aiding designers in efficiently creating highly innovative solutions but also pushing the boundaries of what was previously deemed impossible. In specific, by harnessing the power of AI to analyze massive data, optimize design processes, and enlighten novel concepts, designers can navigate complexity, foresee issues, and innovate with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This convergence holds immense potential to bring about significant improvements and advancements across various sectors.


However, there remains a degree of uncertainty regarding the profitable and secure utilization of the amalgamation of design and AI within these industries. Thus, the objective of this special issue is to assemble cutting-edge research that explores the challenges and opportunities associated with the broader impact and applications of combining design and AI across various sectors in driving innovation, optimizing processes, enhancing user experiences, and creating more sustainable and valuable products and services.


To contribute to these areas, we welcome submissions, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Applications of cognitive intelligence in product and/or service design and manufacturing process optimization.
  • Exploration of the impact and potential of AI-Generated Content (AIGC) across various industries and design fields.
  • Integration of AI in healthcare systems to enhance patient treatment results and improve diagnostic accuracy.
  • Utilization of AI and design principles in the development of better accessible and user-friendly transportation systems.
  • Enhancing communication and accessibility for individuals with disabilities through AI and design solutions.
  • Examining the impact of AI on design thinking and decision-making processes in different industries.
  • Ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in design and manufacturing practices.
  • Case studies and empirical research showcasing successful implementations of AI and design in diverse fields.
  • AI-enabled decision support systems for transportation and logistics planning and operations.
  • Intelligent sensing and control systems for smart manufacturing and automation.
  • Design and optimization of AI algorithms for personalized healthcare and wellness applications.
  • Intelligent sensing or intelligent sensing material design.
  • The exploration of the potential and challenges of integrating Generative AI in smart design and manufacturing systems.


Authors should submit their manuscripts via the journal submission site: Please visit the Instructions for Authors page for information on preparing your manuscript.


Target Dates

Submission deadline: December 31, 2023; Initial review completed: March 1, 2023; Final decision:  May 30, 2023; Publication on a rolling basis. Papers received after the submission deadline may still be considered for this special issue if time and space permits.

Submission Instructions

- Select "special issue title: Design meets AI” when submitting your paper to ScholarOne

- Submissions can take the form of original research contributions, technical notes or perspectives/editorials, as well as the-state-of-the-art review and positioning papers.

- Expected publication date: December 31, 2023.


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