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Philosophical Psychology

For a Special Issue on

Dennett's Powerful Ideas: The Philosophy and Legacy of Daniel Dennett

Manuscript deadline
30 November 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Lisa Bortolotti, University of Birmingham
[email protected]

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Dennett's Powerful Ideas: The Philosophy and Legacy of Daniel Dennett

Philosophical Psychology is dedicating a special issue to the philosophy and legacy of Daniel Dennett.

We welcome papers on all aspects of Dennett's work, including but not limited to:

  • the nature of consciousness
  • qualia eliminativism
  • the nature of the self
  • the relationship between intentionality and rationality
  • the instrumentalism of intentional states
  • the relationship between science and philosophy
  • what makes life meaningful
  • evolution and philosophy
  • the evolution of culture
  • free will in a deterministic world
  • artificial intelligence and the future of humanity
  • the aims and methods of philosophy

Confirmed contributors include Keith Frankish, Laura Danon, Eric Schwitzgebel, David Rosenthal, Katrina Sifferd, Felipe De Brigard, and Elly Vintiadis.

Submission Instructions

  • Only original research articles will be considered.
  • Papers discussing Dennett's views or the significance of his work for philosophy, cognitive science, or the other sciences are most welcome, independent of the chosen approach or methods.
  • The word limit for submitted paper isĀ 8,000 words.
  • The editors will evaluate manuscripts before sending them for external peer review and may take advice from experts to reach a decision. Only the manuscripts judged as suitable for publication by two independent reviewers will be accepted for publication.
  • Papers will be published online upon acceptance, without delay, and will appear in print when all the contributions to the special issue are ready.
  • Please select "Dennett's Powerful Ideas" in the Special Issues drop-down menu when submitting your paper to ScholarOne.
  • We warmly encourage submissions by authors who belong to traditionally underrepresented groups in academia and whose native language is not English.

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