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Democratic Ruling and Solidarity

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15 January 2025

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Danny Fridberg, Otago Polytechnic
[email protected]

Peretz Segal, Center for mediation and dispute resolution
[email protected]

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Democratic Ruling and Solidarity

Under the guest editorship of Daniel Fridberg, Principal Lecturer in the College of Community Development and Personal Wellbeing at Otago Polytechnic, and Dr. Peretz Segal, founder and the former director of the Israeli national center for mediation and dispute resolution at the Israeli Ministry of Justice, Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 37(3) invites essays for a special issue on Democratic Ruling and Solidarity.

Democratic governments are elected in a competitive "zero sum game", by which the majority of citizens diminish the power of the minority to oppose its political aspirations. Moreover, it exempts the majority from holding an open ended discussion or meaningful deliberation with the minority over issues affecting the entire society. This forceful election process infringes citizens’ solidarity and may cause the minority to undermine government’s legitimacy. Consequently, in the last decades some democratic majorette governments infringed the checks and balances between state authorities to assure their absolute regime. On the background of this evolutionary political situation, conceptual and practical considerations of alternative models of democratic ruling are welcome.

This special issue is an effort to explore structural causes rooted in democratic ruling that intensify social and ideological polarization in society which undermine solidarity.  Subsequently, it calls scholars and practitioners to present innovative thinking for improving the democratic system that may reduce majority coercion and encourage collaboration with the minority to maintain solidarity. While we imagine the bulk of submissions will come from academics in peacebuilding, politics, and international studies we also encourage activist, business or community level explorations.

General themes that contributors can address in their essays include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Meanings of democracy solidarity aside rights of freedom and equality
  • Social controlling of majority coercion
  • Majority versus minority rights
  • Hybrid majorette and deliberative democratic ruling models
  • Democratic ruling and social polarization
  • Democratic ruling and freedom of conscience
  • Human rights and solidarity
  • Governance and democracy
  • A shared future and civil ethos
  • Leadership and democracy
  • Democratic ruling and reconciliation
  • Media, social media and democratic decision making.


Submission Instructions

Articles keen to be considered for inclusion in this special edition should be uploaded to the Peace Review Journal website no later than January 15 2025

Peace Review accepts the following types of articles: Essay, Review, Interview, Collection, Oration

Articles should be submitted via the journal online portal and utilize the Taylor & Francis Citation style and Journal WORD Template.

  • Essays:  2500–3500 words, excluding references.
  • Reviews: 3000-3500 words, excluding references.
  • Interviews: 1200-1500 words, including context
  • Collections: 1800-2000 words + 3-5 photos or images, excluding references
  • Oration: 3–5-minute audio file + transcription, accompanied by a written introduction/analysis of 800-1000 words

Content Questions
Expression of Interest and questions to the guest editor are welcome, and may increase the chance of publication. Please direct content-based questions or concerns to the guest editors: Daniel Fridberg: [email protected] Peretz Segal: [email protected]

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