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International Journal of Construction Management

For a Special Issue on

Decarbonising Building Construction

Manuscript deadline
01 March 2025

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Professor Tuan Ngo, University of Melbourne
[email protected]

Dr. Behzad Rismanchi, University of Melbourne
[email protected]

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Decarbonising Building Construction

Aim and Scope

The special issue on "Decarbonising Building Construction" aims to spotlight cutting-edge research, innovations, and case studies focused on reducing carbon emissions within the construction sector. This issue will gather original papers, reviews, and white papers that explore sustainable practices, innovative materials, and technological advancements capable of significantly impacting the carbon footprint of building construction.

The scope of this issue includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advances in low-carbon materials and their application in construction.
  • Implementation and effectiveness of sustainable building practices and technologies.
  • Case studies demonstrating successful strategies for reducing embodied carbon in construction projects.
  • Innovative design and engineering approaches aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing construction emissions.
  • Analysis of policy impacts on sustainable construction practices.

This issue seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state and emerging trends in decarbonising building construction, offering insights that could help steer the global construction industry towards more sustainable practices.

Topics for papers

  • Lifecycle Assessments of Green Building Materials
  • Innovations in Modular and Prefabricated Construction
  • Carbon Capturing Technologies in Construction
  • Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Construction
  • Economic Analysis of Decarbonising Strategies
  • Advanced Digital Tools for Sustainable Construction
  • Impact of Urban Planning on Construction Decarbonisation
  • Case Studies on Zero-Emission Building Projects

Submission Instructions

Information to Contributors

Prof. Tuan Ngo (University of Melbourne, Department of Infrastructure Engineering)

Prof. Tuan Ngo is an acclaimed expert in sustainable construction technologies and materials. His pioneering research focuses on enhancing the resilience and sustainability of building structures through innovative materials and design methodologies. Prof. Ngo has led numerous international research collaborations and has been instrumental in advancing knowledge in the field of civil and infrastructure engineering.

Behzad Rismanchi (University of Melbourne, Department of Infrastructure Engineering)

Dr. Behzad Rismanchi specializes in building energy efficiency and sustainability. His research includes the development of energy management strategies and the integration of renewable energy systems into building designs. Dr. Rismanchi's work is driven by a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the built environment, and he has contributed extensively to both academic research and practical applications in sustainable building operations.

Instructions for Authors

Authors must follow carefully the Guide for Authors. All papers will go through an initial screening. After positive feedback from the guest editors, those papers selected for further consideration will be invited for online submission via Submission Portal. Papers will then undergo a double-blind review process with engaging multiple reviewers. All queries should be addressed to the guest editors.

Key dates:

  • Paper submission deadline: 1 March 2025
  • Notifications to authors: 1 May 2025
  • Expected publication: 1 July 2025

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