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Data Science in Science

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Data Science in the Brain Sciences

Abstract deadline
20 May 2023

Manuscript deadline
30 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Carolina Euan, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University
[email protected]

Mark B. Fiecas, Division of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota
[email protected]

Hernando Ombao, Statistics Program, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
[email protected]

David S. Matteson, Department of Statistics and Data Science, Cornell University
[email protected]

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Data Science in the Brain Sciences

This Special Issue of Data Science in Science invites both original and survey manuscripts that bring together novel statistical, data science, machine learning, and AI models, methods, and applications in the brain sciences. We evaluate submissions on the basis of scientific rigor, technical depth, and ethical standards, regardless of perceived novelty. We also value high-quality papers with interesting and relevant research hypotheses and/or secondary analysis of biobank data (e.g., Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study, Human Connectome Project, UK Biobank). We welcome original, unpublished, and innovative submissions including, but not limited to the following areas of research:

  • Advances in spatio-temporal methods, including their applications to local field potentials, electroencephalogram, functional near-infrared spectroscopy, imaging genetics, and structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Applications of deep learning, AI, and generative models in the brain sciences.
  • Uncertainty quantification and procedures for large-scale statistical inference for spatio-temporal models applied to brain data.
  • Graphs, networks, and connectivity for multivariate spatio-temporal brain data.
  • Extracting novel biomarkers for behavioral, neurological, and psychiatric outcomes.
  • Mathematical foundations, including advances in optimization and Bayesian methodology, with applications to data from the brain sciences.
  • Causal inference using population-scale neuroimaging studies.
  • Novel adaptations and applications of theories and methods stemming from the broader statistics literature to the brain sciences.

Submission Instructions

  • All manuscripts must be in English and written in accordance with the "Instructions for Authors" which can be found on the Journal’s homepage.
  • All submissions will be peer-reviewed and meet the same requirements and standards as that of a regular paper submission.
  • Submissions must not have been previously published in other journals or conferences; submissions that have already been uploaded as preprints such as arXiv are allowed.
  • Select "Data Science in the Brain Sciences" when submitting your paper to Data Science in Science in ScholarOne.
  • If you do not have APC funding covered by your institution or funder, then discretionary waivers are available. Please email the Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]) to discuss this ahead of submitting your manuscript so a code can be provided.
  • For inquiries about the Special Issue, contact the Dr. Mark Fiecas ([email protected]) by e-mail.

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