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Journal of Control and Decision

For a Special Issue on
Data-Driven Smart City Environment with Big Data Analytics

Abstract deadline
13 September 2022

Manuscript deadline
20 October 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr. Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar, Kyung Hee University, South Korea
[email protected]

Fatemeh Afghah, Northern Arizona University, USA
[email protected]

Dr. Manimuthu Arunmozhi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
[email protected]

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Data-Driven Smart City Environment with Big Data Analytics

Data services research were once perceived as impossible, but today data-driven smart cities are rapidly growing with more sophisticated technologies. The quality of life is increased with smart cities getting better every year. Data science developments are progressing on efficiently utilizing big data and analytics for power smart cities with multiple opportunities. Giving a notion to a smart city is challenging with vast data collected from the smart communities, citizens living there, infrastructural data’s, and sensor data. Leveraging all these data within a short period is formidable only with the deployment of analytical tools. While looking at the various factors of smart cities, we need better data-driven approaches for managing smart city healthcare services, water management, power maintenance and conservation, ethical and law enforcement, and traffic control. Tech-enabled urban cities are encouraging broad-level data-driven solutions with Big data analytics as it promotes innovations and effective solutions.

Utility management is crucial for smart cities as there are related to public safety and environmental protection. From charging electric vehicles to supporting all the devices for a smart home, everything requires data-driven analytics. Taking a closer look into these vital elements, transportation systems are vast and constitute more population in a crowded space. Here, big data analytics can optimize transport routes for local vehicles and decrease congestion with better data scheduling. Eventually, this would also reduce fatal accidents and collisions in smart city infrastructure. Besides, Big data integrated analytical tools connect freight movements, reducing supply chain waste and enhancing quick shipments within a smart zone. The real-time power generation and consumption data are collected and analyzed with data-driven tools that re-distribute electricity only when required preventing wastages. Big data-enabled smart sensor networks can also act as a vital source providing data on the best locations to place wind and solar power generators. This would ultimately contribute to emission control and the adoption of renewable power sources. The transformation of warning systems and security protocols with big data analytics can prevent crimes, manage disasters, and improve emergency services by leveraging the collected data for all these parameters. Besides the tangible progress happening in big data analytics, there is always a challenge that exists for ubiquitous connectivity and cyber threats. While many smart cities rely on data for everything, these data could be prone to more cyber risks and failures. Thus, we will need extensive research to protect and prevent the privacy of smart city data. To conclude, this special issue elucidates the various elements of data-driven approaches powered by Big data analytics for empowering smart cities and their development, including the risk factors involved. We invite researchers and scholars to present more innovative submissions to discuss these research barriers.

The topics of interest include:

  • IoT implementation strategies for smart city development
  • Data-driven analytics for traffic management and control in smart cities
  • Smart-city enabled big data applications for better utilization of energy resources
  • Intelligent, connected, and data-driven big data analytics for smart city innovations
  • Advanced data-driven approaches for efficient smart city infrastructure
  • Exploring water control and management through big data analytics for smart cities
  • Impact of using Big data on smart cities
  • Effective ways of analyzing data through Information and Communication technologies
  • Big analytics for – smart water, smart energy, and smart transport
  • Challenges and opportunities of implementing data-driven smart city projects
  • Future of smart cities with Big data and data-driven analytics

Submission Instructions

SI Title: Data-Driven Smart City Environment with Big Data Analytics

We will promote our special issue to the different university research scholars to attract high quality submissions in our special issue.

Expected Publication Date: 30th April 2022

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