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Current Issues in Tourism

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Human-Machine Interaction in Tourism

Abstract deadline
30 April 2023

Manuscript deadline
01 September 2023

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[email protected]

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Human-Machine Interaction in Tourism

This special issue aims to develop an insight into human-machine interaction in the tourism sector. Since smart and interactive technologies have gained importance and a wide range of application areas in the tourism sector, an in-depth investigation of their roles in tourist behaviours and industry development became a necessity for scholars.

The main objectives of this special issue are to offer a general outlook towards advanced, smart, and interactive technologies used both by tourists and sector suppliers in tourism such as accommodation, transportation, and gastronomy; to contribute the theory-based scientific studies on human-machine interactions; to give a holistic perspective on the importance and effect of technology in tourist behaviours; to discuss the ethical and practical issues as well as challenges in the use of technologies in tourism.

Some of the human-machine interaction research themes include but are not limited to:

Interactive Technologies

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)



Wearable Devices


Mobile Applications & Smart Tourism  

Mobile Applications

Mobile Marketing

Smart Tourism & Smart Tourists

Smart Destinations

Design and Use of Technology

Participative Systems Design

User/Geo-tracking Systems

Influencers’ Effect

User-Generated Content & Social Media User Behaviours

Role of Technology in Tourist Experiences

Submission Instructions

Full papers using quantitative, qualitative, or multiple methods that fall within the scope of this special issue are welcome. Authors are invited to prepare an abstract (up to 900 words) which gives information about the aim and method of the prospective full paper. Abstracts should be directly submitted to [email protected]. Abstracts will be initially reviewed by the Guest Editor for suitability of the special issue. Abstracts which are found eligible for the special issue will be invited for the full paper submission.

Full papers should be written and submitted following the guidelines of the Current Issues in Tourism journal. Please see the journal’s “Instructions for authors” webpage for more detail about the paper formats and submission instructions:

Full papers will be sent to two reviewers for a double-blind review process. Relying on the suggestions of the reviewers, full papers will be revised by the author(s) and made ready for the final decision. In this stage, the Guest Editor and the Co-Editors will decide whether the paper should be accepted or rejected. The accepted full papers will be published online in the special issue at the end of 2023.


Abstract Submissions: February 28-April 30

Abstract Decisions:  May 1- 15

Full Paper Submissions: May 16 – September 1

Revisions and Decisions: September 2 - November 30

Publication: End 2023

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