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Current Issues in Tourism

For a Special Issue on

The Future of the Tourism Profession

Abstract deadline
31 March 2023

Manuscript deadline
29 September 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Antonia Correia, CEFAGE, University of Algarve, KIPT Colab
[email protected]

Metin Kozak, Kadir Has University, Turkey Kadir Has University
[email protected]

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The Future of the Tourism Profession

Current Issues in Tourism is developing a special issue dedicated to anticipating the future of the tourism professions through an open debate about the cues that persist in shadowing the reputation of the professions in tourism.  The special issue welcomes contributions such as literature reviews and empirical and conceptual research to provide insights into all aspects of professions in tourism as it paves the way to increase the notoriety of the tourism profession. We encourage submissions focusing on multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature and longitudinal research. Further research that covers the labour market conditions, the professional motivations and attitudes and/or the paradigms of education in tourism are also welcomed.

The range of sub-topics related to tourism and hospitality professions includes, but is not limited to:
• Turnover antecedents and consequents
• Wages and productivity
• Seasonality in tourism professions
• Work-life balance
• Discrimination and minorities
• Immigration and social impacts
• Career expectations
• Motivations and drivers for a career in tourism
• Remote work in tourism
• Social impacts and benefits of a profession in tourism
• Sustainability of the profession in tourism
• Education and profession in tourism
• Curricula in tourism- skills, competencies, and abilities
• Motivations and preferences to study tourism
• Digital transformation and the profession in tourism
• Competition between technological advancements and human forces in tourism
• Unpredictable changes in the future of tourism professionals.

Submission Instructions

Submission deadline: Submit as soon as possible but before 20th December 2023.

Papers submitted to this special issue must select the correct issue (The Future of the Tourism Profession) via the online submission system.

Expected publication at early 2025

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