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Manuscript deadline
08 January 2021

Cover image - Territory, Politics, Governance

Territory, Politics, Governance

Special Issue Editor(s)

Klaus Dodds, Editor in Chief of Territory, Politics, Governance
[email protected]

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The COVID-19 pandemic: territorial, political and governance dimensions of the crisis

A recent editorial in Territory, Politics, Governance drew attention to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic (hereafter pandemic) for the fundamental subject matter addressed by our journal. The pandemic continues to make itself felt on cultures, economies, polities, and societies around the world.

We welcome both individual papers and special issue proposals addressing these ongoing impacts. Papers might wish to consider for example: the efficacy of unilateralism (shutting borders, imposing lockdowns, stockpiling medical supplies); emergency governance (is it easier to justify for public health than climate change?); vaccine nationalism and public health populism; geo-visualisation of public health regions and territories; or post-pandemic futures.

In addition, we aim at publishing a coherent collection of papers as a special issue on COVID-19. In this special issue call, we are looking for diverse approaches and perspectives on the longer-term implications for a post-pandemic world – are our existing governance frameworks and political theories fit for purpose? Does the pandemic offer new opportunities to develop novel theorising about how cultural, economic, social and political power operates across territory? How does the pandemic affect ideas, institutions and practices of democratic and non-democratic governance? Are alternatives to the pre-COVID 19 geopolitical landscape accelerating into view or does the pandemic simply re-enforce pre-existing patterns of global inequality, repression and injustice? Alternatively, authors might wish to make the case that the pandemic is not, at this point, likely to be as defining an event as 9/11 was for the onset of the war on terror.

While we seek proposals rooted in and informed by empirical diversity, what would make any special issue proposal particularly appealing is one that sought either to put different conceptual approaches into conversation with one another or sought to advance a comparative approach to how the pandemic reveals territorial, political and governance-related questions and themes. In the last seven years, the journal has published a series of papers that have questioned fundamental categories, concepts and practices associated with governance and territory. Special issue proposals engaging with previously published work in the journal are also welcome.

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Territory, Politics, Governance

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Submission Instructions

  • Individual papers can be submitted at any time. See the general instructions to authors. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed in the normal way.
  • If you are interested in proposing a special issue then please use the form available from here. Special issues typically feature an editorial introduction and around 5-8 papers. Please consult the journal webpage for recent examples.

All special issue proposals must be received before 8th January 2021 and will be formally reviewed by the editors with constructive feedback offered thereafter.

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