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Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja

For a Special Issue on
Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Green Investment, and Sustainable Business Performance

Manuscript deadline
15 January 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Ilhan Ozturk, Cag University, Turkey
[email protected]

Arshian Sharif, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia
[email protected]

Fengsheng Chien, Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade, Fujian, China.
[email protected]

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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Green Investment, and Sustainable Business Performance

Sustainable Business Performance has been publicized in the business practices of world organizations. In addition to the traditional profit-oriented business practices, which only seek for the maximization of shareholders' wealth, the sustainable business performance concept has gradually evolved to expand that benefit to a wider community, namely, the ‘stakeholders’ in modern society. It is believed that if businesses become more socially responsible and environmentally friendly, then it will lead businesses to sustainable business performance. On the contrary, if the businesses act unethically, then the businesses will be avoided not only by consumers but by investors as well.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is increasingly becoming a vital component of modern businesses due to rising expectations from stakeholders considering a growing global awareness of the need for strong corporate governance, environmental protection, and social care. One of the most controversial questions in CSR research involves the effect a firm's CSR has on its corporate business performance. In addition, green investment has also become a popular concept in recent years as global warming and environmental deterioration continue to pose serious threats to the world population.  Sustainability is an important concern and calls for sustainable business growth and performance have been ever more urgent. There is no doubt that green investment can contribute to green development; however, the key issue is whether green investment can improve business performance while maintaining its environmental benefits. Therefore, this special issue will provide insight on the adoption of CSR initiatives by the businesses, green investment, and sustainable business performance.

Possible contributors:

  • Researchers with interest in the environmental and energy economics.
  • Stakeholders with research and policy interest in the management of sustainability issues.
  • Scholars focused on environmental economics.
  • Researchers interested in the Green Finance, Green Innovation and particularly in the context of their environmental implications.
  • Researchers interested in the CSR, Green Investment and particularly in the context of their environmental implications.
  • Researchers interested in the Sustainable Business Performance.
  • Researchers working in the strategic policymaking, particularly concerned with the sustainable firm’s growth.

This special issue is seeking for unpublished, high quality empirical or theoretical research papers on but are not limited to the following topics:

  •  Role of green investment in the facilitation of Sustainable Business Performance
  • Role of green investment in the facilitation of CSR goals
  • Adoption of CSR activities in developed and developing economies.
  • Green Finance: Environmental policy and Sustainable Business Performance
  • Environmental policy and sustainable business growth
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Adoption of CSR initiatives and Good Governance
  • Implementation of good governance and Sustainable Business Performance
  • Environment, Social, Governance Index (ESGI) and Sustainable Business Performance
  • CSR and Sustainable Business Performance
  • Future perspectives on the development of energy technologies
  • Investment in Green technology and Sustainable Business Performance
  • Green Investment, Tax Incentives, and Sustainable Business Performance
  • Innovation in clean technologies
  • Green innovation, clean energy and Environment.
  • Environmental Tax and sustainable business growth
  • Energy efficiency improvements and sustainable business growth
  • Role of green finance, green investment, and green energy in the facilitation of CSR goals