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International Journal of Construction Management

For a Special Issue on
Conceptualising challenges and opportunities in the construction industry

Manuscript deadline
31 October 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr Nnedinma Umeokafor, Liverpool John Moores University
[email protected]

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Conceptualising challenges and opportunities in the construction industry

On behalf of the Chair and Co-Chair of the Construction Business and Project Management (CBPM) 2021 conference and the International Journal of Construction Management. I am pleased to announce that some papers from the CBPM 2021 conference have been selected for consideration in the special issue of the International Journal of Construction Management. Dr Nnedinma Umeokafor is editing this special issue. Nnedinma is Chartered Construction Manager, and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

Aim and scope

The construction industry is strategic in the development of economies given its contribution to employment, infrastructure, cash injection into economies, business growth, and sustainable use of natural resources. For example, in the United Kingdom, it contributed £117 billion to the economy in 2018, and in South Africa, the industry contributed 13 per cent to the gross domestic product of the country in 2013. The contribution of the industry is expected to increase in many countries.

Despite the opportunities that the industry presents, it faces numerous challenges not limited to the resistance to adopting of digital technologies, poor health and safety record and significant impact on the environment. The impact of the global pandemic on the industry and implications for the economies are unknown at this stage. These warrant a discussion of the opportunities, challenges, and strategies to improving the performance of the industry.

Consequently, the CBPM 2021 conference sought to provide a platform for academics, practitioners, and other stakeholders such as policymakers to exchange ideas on the challenges, how to leverage the opportunities that the industry presents and strategies for addressing the challenges it faces. Of the 81 submissions, 41 papers from 30 institutions from 13 countries were accepted and included in the conference proceedings following a three-stage double-blinded review and similarity check on Turnitin and/or IThenticate.

Topics for papers

The submissions in this special issue are expected to cover topics not limited to those below. They will come in the form of systematic reviews, conceptual papers, case studies, original research, and experimental research.

  • Smart technologies in construction
  • Sustainable construction and materials
  • Construction business and leadership
  • Construction project management
  • Construction health and safety
  • Construction labour and productivity
  • Project overrun and cost estimation
  • Ethics in construction
  • Environmental management in construction

Submission Instructions

To meet the journal requirements and standards, you must significantly revise the paper which may entail addressing all comments from the conference, any outstanding reviewer comments, collecting additional data, conducting additional analysis and discussion to ensure that the submission is significantly improved and different from the conference paper. Also, the title of the new submission must be different from the conference paper, but you must state that the paper is an extended version of the conference paper which you must cite. When submitting to the journal, choose the option ‘Construction Business and Project Management (CBPM) 2021 conference’ else your submission will be considered as a regular issue. Following the submission, the manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review process by at least, two reviewers. If you have any queries, please contact the guest editor on the email, [email protected]

Key dates

  • Paper submission deadline: 31 October 2021
  • Expected publication: Mid- January 2022

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