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Manuscript deadline
15 February 2021

Cover image - Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

Special Issue Editor(s)

Tyler McCormick, University of Washington
[email protected]

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Editorial discussion on predictive models and policy in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

The Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (JCGS) solicits letters to the Editor to be published in a special Editorial discussion on the intersection of predictive models and public policy.

The urgency of predictive and statistical modeling has never been more clear than now, during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Confronting  a virus whose basic behavior and fundamental properties elude us, models give a perhaps overconfident sense of certainty about our trajectory and ability to calibrate our collective expectations. Models are also interpreted and implemented by local and global policymakers with their own priorities for how to mitigate the pandemic and its socioeconomic ramifications. This intersection of complex scientific modeling and policy decision-making is not unique to the pandemic and, as enhancements to software and training make computationally complex models available to an increasingly wide range of users, will only become more common.

This Editorial discussion will highlight experiences and insights from communicating, implementing, and evaluating predictive, statistical, and machine learning models in policy settings.  Each letter should be no more than three pages in length using standard JCGS format and should describe an anecdote or lesson learned.  Letters with general ruminations are welcome, but specific examples are highly encouraged.  Each letter will be reviewed by the JCGS Editor and Editorial Board and selected letters will be published along with a set of submissions invited by the Editorial board.

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Submission Instructions

Letters should be submitted through the JCGS website and designated for the “Special Editorial Discussion on Policy” as the manuscript type.  Letters received by February 15, 2021 will receive full consideration. The discussion will be published in print in the June 2021 issue of JCGS and online in the spring of 2021.  For questions or more information, please contact Tyler McCormick

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